Canon Office Products PG-240XL/CL-241XL with Canon GP502 Glossy Photo Paper – Combo Pack Ink

July 26, 2013 - Comment

Exceptional Quality, Remarkable Durability Combo Pack


Kilgore Gagarin "Those who believe in telekin... says:

Hard to “love” expensive ink but what ya gonna do? This is the third boxed set of CANON PG-240XL (black and white)/CL-241XL (color) cartridges I’ve purchased, and I’ve never had a problem with these at all. They’ve installed easily and performed as described. I guess these XL cartridges are a better deal than non-XL cartridges, but, frankly, I can’t FIND non-XL cartridges of this type! These specifically yield about 700 pages per set depending upon what you actually print. My current costs for printing runs about 7 cents per page with this ink (and paper) as of June 2012 prices.I use these on a with plain, white photocopier paper to print documents and occasional coupons. I’ve popped in some and printed out a few photos and they come out “pretty good.” If you’re not an image snob, the quality on the…

Sim_Perf "Wise Engineer" says:

Working — I don’t know what else to say… One thing I noticed and would like to let everyone know that. I have low ink or replace ink sign for about 4 months… I have purchased this ink so I do have new one in hand but I keep using the older ink which giving me the warning. I feel that canon machine throw and error message much prior to the actual life of ink is over. Use your own judgment to use your printer longer even after the warning, you may save few bucks….

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