Lenovo IdeaCentre H520 Desktop (Black)

Lenovo IdeaCentre H520 desktop computer

With its robust entertainment options, affordable pricing, and features like Lenovo Rescue System making it a snap to use, the Lenovo H520 Desktop is a great choice for a family’s everyday PC.  With the latest Intel processors and integrated Intel HD  graphics, it’s powerful enough to support even processing-intensive games. And with plenty of storage, you can store your family’s favorite movies, music and photos with room to spare.  Plus, the Lenovo H520 comes standard with our highly regarded AccuType keyboard for typing in comfort with fewer mistypes.  


Family Friendly Computing.Family Friendly Computing.

The affordable Lenovo H520 desktop PC combines fast processing performance and great entertainment features. Great for email, video playback and organizing photos, the H520 is the ideal PC for the entire family.

Multimedia PowerMultimedia Power

Thanks to its integrated Intel HD graphics support, 5.1 surround sound, HDMI output and DVD reader/writer, this PC offers a complete home entertainment experience.

Lenovo Cloud StorageLenovo Cloud Storage

Protect your critical data, while also making access to information and file-sharing quick and convenient. Automatically back-up and synchronize data across the organization, while enabling access from multiple devices. Data is encrypted on transfer for an extra level of security.

Lenovo Rescue System

Quickly and easily backup and recover system files, applications, drivers, and even user files.

Lenovo Assistant.

Keep it simple by choosing a model with Lenovo Assistant, an easy-to-use interface to organize your favorites, clean up history and junk files, and manage your PC’s network connections and energy consumption.

2 thoughts on “Lenovo IdeaCentre H520 Desktop (Black)

  1. Poppa says:

    Nice Desktop with a moderately fast processor I bought this machine for my grandson from Amazon, LLC. So far I like most everything about the computer, it has windows 8 which should be fine when the update comes out the end of this month. There is limited bloatware on this machine which I removed. It has McAfee which I removed and then turned on windows defender much better and free. The thing was that while the box was sealed by Lenovo when I opened the box you could tell it was a re-seal. When trying to register the computer with Lenovo a box popped up and said the machine was already registered to someone else. It did give me an option to override and register to me. The machine looks brand new so here is hoping its not a refurbished one they sold to me and that it was just a re-stock.

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