Lenovo IdeaCentre Q190 Desktop (Black)

Lenovo IdeaCentre Q190 small form factor computer

Tiny Device, Huge Entertainment. Turn your TV into an entertainment hub or fully functional computer with the Q190, one of the world’s smallest desktop PC. Watch video clips, create a home theater, or simply browse the Web on your favorite screen – without taking up valuable space.  Uniquely compact, the Q190 comes with a range of multimedia features that can turn your TV into an entertainment hub for games, videos and web browsing.  With Full HD graphics and up to 7.1 surround sound support, it doubles as a mobile home theater system.  Plus a wireless multimedia remote, with a built-in mini-keyboard and mouse, is included, enabling you to browse the web wirelessly from the comfort of your chair or sofa.  

At a Glance

Tiny, compact designHome Theater audiovisual, featuring full HD graphics and up to 7.1-channel surround sound support (via HDMI)Integrated Intel HD 3000 graphicsS/PDIF connector, for lossless digital audio outputVESA mount, for optimal placement including on back of monitorUSB 3.0 and 6-in-1 card reader supporting SDXCCompact handheld wireless multimedia remote with a built-in mini-keyboard and mouse


IdeaCentre Q190:  Serious Multimedia in a Tiny Package.IdeaCentre Q190: Serious Multimedia in a Tiny Package.

The IdeaCentre Q190 net top is among the world’s smallest desktop PCs—but big things can come in small packages. Advanced multimedia features let the Q190 turn your TV or monitor into an entertainment hub for games, videos, Web browsing, and more.

Your Home Entertainment Hub.Your Home Entertainment Hub.

Connect the IdeaCentre Q190 to your HD TV or monitor and enjoy vivid Full HD graphics — while up to 7.1 channel Surround Sound support provides an immersive audio experience. And don’t worry about connecting to other devices: Plenty of ports — including high-speed USB 3.0 — give you all the connections you need to establish a living room entertainment hub.

Compact but Built to Perform.Compact but Built to Perform.

While it’s compact and space-saving, the IdeaCentre Q190 is built to perform. A powerful processor and plenty of storage space make the Q190 your go-to device for home entertainment. Yet the Q190 is small enough — about the size of a paperback novel — to attach to the back of your TV or monitor with the in-box VESA mount. Plus the multimedia remote — complete with mini-keyboard — enables you to operate your entertainment hub from the comfort of your sofa or easy chair.

Simple to Use.

The IdeaCentre Q190 is packed with advanced technology, but it’s engineered to be easy to use. The Windows 8 operating system’s Metro user interface is perfect for the big screen, and applications like Lenovo Companion and Lenovo Support make using the Q190 a snap. And you can share music, photos, and more on any device from almost any location with Lenovo Cloud storage.  But the simplicity doesn’t end there: The clutter-free design keeps cords from becoming a tangled mess, and easy set up means you’ll be enjoying your PC minutes after taking it out of the box. You’ll have quick, easy access to the web, email, and all your other daily PC tasks — in addition to breathtaking graphics and sound — in a snap.

2 thoughts on “Lenovo IdeaCentre Q190 Desktop (Black)

  1. Telstar says:

    Just as indicated I use this as a media center for my TV. I can easily play HD videos and multichannel audio.I remove a star, because you can buy a decent low end laptop for less money these days.At this time it is only $10 difference to get the model with twice the hard drive and includes the DVD reader.

  2. Kos. says:

    Quite reasonable I bought this to replace a half tower PC that sat beside my entertainment center that was used for videos and saved music. Its size caught my attention.The output of the PC goes to a Yamaha receiver/processor which drives the screen (a Panasonic plasma TV) and a set of speakers. The Yamaha also has a cable box and a BR DVD attached to it.After configuring how I use the Lenovo PC (VLC to play videos and a Logitech RF trackball and a RF keyboard), it works well. Its small form factor allowed me to “hide it away” inside of a cabinet that holds all of my components.From my perspective, the Windows 8 standard interface is of no real use to me. So, I use the sorta-like-Windows 7 interface which is distinguished by the lack of a “Start Menu”. Fortunately the windows-key-X works.The only oddity about the Lenovo instance of the Windows 8 software is that, if you use the PC and then use other parts of my entertainment system (DVD or Cable or…

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