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The perfect security solution. 0

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Didn’t work for out me. Some reasons. I find that Lenovo computers to be rather finicky. At our church, it is the primary brand that our executive pastor selects, and I know that there have been some returns and repairs, but eventually, Lenovo has come through and eventually rectified things.So when a friend asked me to recommend and select a computer for her that was very lightweight and bullet-proof, I searched around, read the reviews, and this model looked pretty bullet-proof. First some features.It is very small, slightly larger than some older external hard drives or DVD writers. The rear panel comes packed with several USB ports, Standard RGB and HDMI, and the front cover opens to reveal your audio in and out, along with more ports.Of course, there is no DVD/CD writer, so you will need to add that on if you want one.It does comes with a regular sized keyboard and wired mouse.Now the not so good.It comes with Windows 8.0 and the Lenovo drivers are designed for 8.0. Our…

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