Hewlett Packard CF147A#BGJ LaserJet PRO 200 Color M251NW Wireless Printer

Get professional color and print black text at the same cost per page as a black-and-white HP LaserJet printer with the HP LaserJet Pro 200 Color M251nw. This laser printer offers wired and wireless connectivity, plus HP ePrint print from your Smartphone or tablet from virtually anywhere. Use business apps and the 3.5-Inch color touch screen to access and print from the Web. This laser printer also lets you print from a flash drive using the easy-access USB port. The HP LaserJet Pro 200 Color M251nw has a 150-sheet paper tray and four individual ink cartridges change toners less frequently and replace only the cartridge that runs out. Print black-and-white documents more affordably with an optional high-capacity black toner cartridge.

3 thoughts on “Hewlett Packard CF147A#BGJ LaserJet PRO 200 Color M251NW Wireless Printer

  1. David A. Barnhart says:

    Great Printer I’ve owned this printer for about 2 months and have printed about 5000 pages. I’ve owned HP laserjets since the days of the Laserjet III. My two previous color lasers were the HP 2600n and CP2025. The M251NW is a worthy successor to my old workhorse 2600n (the CP2025 was a P.O.S.)Setup was easy. Connecting the printer wirelessly to my MacBookPro was effortless. The touch-screen control panel is more intuitive than any other HP printer I’ve owned. I am very happy with this printer.The thing I am most happy about: I print from MS-Word and many of my documents include a color image in halftone as a watermark on every page. The M251NW does a better job of rendering this watermark than any printer I’ve previously owned.The ‘Toner is low’ warning comes up way too early but you can easy bypass it and keep printing. There is still LOTS of toner left after the ‘low toner’ warning appears.

  2. F. Kirk says:

    Impressive printer My printer arrived this evening and I had it set up and printing in about 20 minutes (about half of that time was just unpacking it). The first and most important lesson for me is that HP finally has wireless network setup figured out. All the agony of trying to get my earlier HP printers working on my wireless home network are now just a bad memory. I sat the printer down on my kitchen table and powered it up, stuck the installation CD in my laptop and walked thru the steps. About halfway thru you have to physically connect your computer to the printer with a USB cable OR manually enter the network information to allow the printer to connect to your wireless network. I chose the cable option. (In a subsequent step, it tells you when to disconnect the cable). You also have the option to permanently connect to a PC via a USB cable, but the wireless option is far more useful for me. Bottom line: it was just about as easy as getting my smartphone to connect to my wireless network…

  3. B. bigenho "derka derka" says:

    HP getting better but not there yet… There is so much high-praise reviews of this printer that I thought i should post one to balance it out.First a comment about HP laser printers in this price range. If you can purchase this printer with a add-on extended warranty, by all means do so. A lot of the times, extended warranties are a ripoff. But in the case of laser printers, they’re worth it. This will be my third color laser printer. These puppies have a high wear/tear breakdown quotient.My previous HP printers was a CP1525nw – which this printer replaces. After only a year and without heavy use (I was on 2nd set of toner cartridge), the printer experienced a paper jam. I called HP tech support and they told me that my only option for me to get a trade-in for a refurbished printer from them (they gave me $50 for the jammed printer). There was no service repair option. Amazing.So word to the wise on HP printers in this price range: They’re not built for heavy use or long term…

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