Dell Inspiron 14 3000 Series 14-Inch Laptop (i3451-1001BLK)

May 27, 2015 - Comment

Live, learn and share with the surprisingly affordable Inspiron 14 3000 Series laptop. Related

Live, learn and share with the surprisingly affordable Inspiron 14 3000 Series laptop.


Johnny Gonzalez says:

Read before buying or writing a review Being a Pc technician for 15 years,i have seen cheap bad pcs and some cheap good pcs,well this is a good one for the price,it performs really well for day to day use,web browsing,emails, documents,etc etc.Compared to my lenovo ultrabook well its no rival but keep in mind the price and the hardware limitations and you can understand why ,people are giving 1 star, you cant compare the performance of a high end pc with an entry level pc there will be a big difference by default.The good stuffBattery duration is goodkeyboard feedback is goodits light and just 3mm thicker than my ultrabookSimple designtouchpad works great,but is not a polished pad ,those pads works betterIntegraded BT and type N wifi works greatSilent operationThe not so good stuffplastic atracts your body oils so it will be some spots in darker color (i recommend a non silicone plastic safe dressing or just a simple microfiber…

Renee Y. says:

Works good for what I needed it for. 0

Pronounce says:

Know What You’re Getting Before You Buy I’m giving this 5 stars, because the current rating is way off. The problem people have with this computer is that it’s a low end computer and they are expending it to perform much faster than it will. This computer should be compared to an HP Stream line of laptops.Next: Make sure you should read this review: ( by Johnny Gonzalez (March 24, 2015). He’s an owner that tells you what to expect and how to improve the machine. I have to correct Johnny on one point. I looked up the memory size limit and Dell specifies that this laptop has one slot that will take a 16GB memory module.You should also note in your research that being able to upgrade is a big plus, because now days in the low end market [Windows and Chrome] memory is soldered on and not upgradable. And on most Chromebooks the HD are not accessible for upgrading.Plus the Windows…

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