HP Chromebook 14 – New Version (Snow White)

May 27, 2015 - Comment

HP 14-x010nr Chrome book


Drew says:

… and have to say without a doubt its the best laptop for the money I bought my chromebook back in August and have to say without a doubt its the best laptop for the money, It doesnt have windows that always freezes up and its as fast a Macbook without the high price. The battery life is amazing, you can surf the web continously unplugged for an easy 8 hours +. The CONS are as follows: 1) you cant hook a printer up directly to the computer, you have to cloud print which I still cant figure out, not that I cant figure it out its just I haven’t bothered to try. 2) you cant download pictures from your camera directly to the computer you have to take the SD card out and plug it in directly. The computer is not like a typical windows computer that has a Noisy/ clunky disc drive that take forever to load, This computer is lightning fast and you can watch youtube videos without the start stop buffering BS and it has a HDMI Ouput so you can plug it directly into your flatscreen TV. For the money its truely amazing. I love it, I paid $349 in August but now…

Okanovich says:

Critical Review: Every Detail You Need to Know UPDATE May 2, 2015: Keyboard has stopped working. I have dropped the review from a 5 star to a 2 star. I will be returning this chromebook, scroll below for more details.I shall begin by stating what a Chromebook is and what it isn’t.What it is:A chromebook is a laptop with a online web based operating system. Meaning it is highly dependent upon an internet connection. This however should not be a turn off for multiple reasons:1. You can work offline. So yes, you can indeed do things such as write documents, make spreadsheets, edit photos and even listen to music(the music being located on your harddrive). Your documents and everything else will be synced to the cloud the next time you’re connected to the Internet.2. This shouldn’t be too much of a factor since we live in a day and age where we are surrounded by wifi in every corner. Even in the rare case that you do not have internet, you can do as much as you would on a regular…

Michael Young "M Young" says:

Good quality build, average display Just picked up the first one for sale yesterday 10/22/14.I have recently made the move to Google Chrome with the purchase of a few Chrome boxes at home. No regrets!I purchased the HP due to the screen size and also the processor. The battery life so far is very impressive. I started using the unit yesterday and have surfed for almost 4 hours today and it still has 50% battery life. Pages load almost as fast as my Chromebox and videos are about the same. Still a massive improvement over my old windows laptops and PCs.I choose a unit with a good attractive build, a good key board and strong battery life. I would love if it had a better display. To be honest the display does bug me but the 14″ screen does help, at the rate the Chromebooks are coming out, I know if it got the perfect unit now, two months from now it would seem out of date. So overall I am pleased with the HP Chromebook 14. Better display and more RAM would make it perfect. For $300 this is a great…

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