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Research Aims to Build Simple Computers in Cells
By Adam Daley Ongoing research work aims to build simple computers that operate inside living cells, teaching them how to grow and divide using methods similar to programming a computer to operate functions over time. Research by Dr. Drew Endy, …
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Every outdoorsman needs a computer
His basic thought was that he didn't own a computer and didn't need one. It's a comment I've heard more than once, and indeed, half the families in the country still don't own a personal computer. But need one? Every outdoorsman needs one, …
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Amazon Builds 42nd Fastest Supercomputer, but it's on the Cloud
While that may be true for the most powerful computers in the world, Amazon may be changing things. The online bookseller has apparently harnessed the power of its massive cloud computing platform called Elastic Cloud Computer (EC2) to create the 42nd …
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The down side of automated backups
The story was about a new strain of ransomware, software that encrypts files on a Windows computer and holds them hostage until the victim pays to decrypt them. Of course, if someone pays, there is no guarantee that their files will, in fact, …
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