Samsung Series 9 NP900X3D-A04US 13.3-Inch Premium Ultrabook (Silver)

Designed with mobility in mind, Samsung’s durable, ultra premium, lightweight Series 9 laptop (model NP900X3D-A04US) offers mobile professionals and power users a sophisticated laptop equally suited for work and entertainment. Featuring a minimalist look that is both simple and sophisticated, its polished magnesium uni-body design offers an iconic look and feel that pushes the envelope with an edge just 0.5 inches thin. This Series 9 laptop also includes a brilliant 13.3-inch SuperBright Plus display with HD+ technology, 128 GB Solid State Drive (SSD), 4 GB of system memory, and up to 9 hours of battery life.

2 thoughts on “Samsung Series 9 NP900X3D-A04US 13.3-Inch Premium Ultrabook (Silver)

  1. Douglas Baxter says:

    I’m impressed Just got the NP900X3D a couple days ago from Amazon.Initial impressions: I love it, irritated with a few small items, but it is my new favorite travel computer.The packaging was great. Three layers of protection: Amazon box with plastic air, Samsung box with foam corners inside, and then a very hard, elegant notebook box with foam inside.Since I’ve only had it a few days, I’ll keep the review short for now:Good things:++ The matte screen is gorgeous. I’m sitting in the kitchen next to an open window with the sunlight pouring in, and it looks just fine. Really good, in fact. My mother-in-law is sitting beside me with an Asus that has a reflective screen. Ouch! The glare from her notebook smacked me in the face. The screen on the Sammy is awesome.++ Super skinny and light. This is replacing my daily notebook, a lightweight (3.94 lbs) Asus that I thought was very portable. Hah! The Sammy blows it away.++ Elegant and…

  2. G. Trimble says:

    Best Ultrabook for under $1000 I researched all the latest lightweight laptops to replace an aging Acer 12″ Netbook. Needed something to travel with and use around the house. Wanted a 6+hour battery, 3 lbs or less and 13″ screen. This 13″ ultrabook is almost 1/2 lb lighter at 2.5 lbs than my older netbook and weighs the same as my wife’s Ipad with keyboard. The screen is very bright and sharp. Computer is quiet and sleek looking, Macbook Air imitation. Battery is good for 6-8 hours. Computer boots up in seconds with the 128GB SSD. Wish it had a 256 GB SSD but 128GB will do the job and is a lot more than the Ipad offers. I did not like the Windows 8 interface so installed a simple app that replicated Windows 7 menu on startup. This computer should last me for another 5+ years.

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