3 thoughts on “Google Nexus 10 (Wi-Fi only, 32 GB)

  1. Xandanga says:

    Now this is what I have been waiting for! I am an avid tablet user. I began with the original iPad and continued getting the Apple iterations on future launch days. Of course I was impressed with Apple’s offerings but something just felt.. missing. I switched from using the iPhone 5 to the One X+ on AT&T but returned that and got a Nexus 4 (which I also love). I feel that while Android may not have as many optimized apps, the Android OS is miles ahead of iOS in terms of functionality.So here I am with the iPad 4, bought just 7 months after I bought my iPad 3 (shouldn’t these by at least a year apart??). I decided to jump ship and try out the Nexus 10. And boy, am I happy I did that!Pros:-Gorgeous display, in every way. Viewing angles are wide, text is crisp as can be and the contrast is stellar (from a tablet perspective, some phones are better).-Speed. This thing flies. No lag or observable hiccup anywhere. Coming from Android I definitely expected some hiccups or dropped…

  2. Jarod says:

    Best Tablet Available I bought my Nexus 10 after my mother stole my Nexus 7 from me and I’m sure glad she did. My girlfriend had just gotten an iPad 4 for Nursing School so I had something to compare it with.Let me say the screen is the pinnacle for tablets by far, just watch the planet earth HD episode that comes with. The pixel density is much better than the iPad but not as saturated, which is fine with me because it looks fake. The speakers set it apart from any tablet in terms of loudness and the fact they are front facing so you don’t have to look like an idiot cupping the back of your tablet for people to hear. The camera is surprisingly good; auto focuses and takes photos very fast. Skype looks better on here than my laptop, not to mention its nice to use the back camera for a video tour, concert, etc. Its extremely fast with no hiccups that I’ve noticed (in 3 months). Frequent updates which is rare for a Android device. Coming from the Tegra 3 quad core processor on the Nexus 7, the…

  3. Ben says:

    Review with Comparison to Note 10.1 I thought comparing both units and the Nexus 10 on its own would be a good idea, since many people ask themselves which to buy. Ill rate each area on a 0-5 scale, 5 being the best.Sound:Note 10.1 – 4.5Nexus 10 – 4.8Both units have great front facing speaking. They do both however lack good low-end. The Nexus edges ahead for being the louder of the 2, and having a clearer upper frequency range.Screen:Note 10.1 – 4.6Nexus 10 – 4.6They tie. I know that may seem weird, seeing as the Nexus has that great resolution and DPI, but read on. The resolution of the Nexus is GREAT. I used a few HD Space live wallpaper to compare, and WOW, they look great on the Nexus. My problem with the Nexus is colors are very washed out, on the Note 10.1 colors are very vibrant with deep saturation. When it comes to reading PDFs, Word, and internet browsing, both screens to about the same. Most websites are scaled for average,…

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