HP Slate 2800 7-Inch 8 GB Tablet (Silver)

Carry your world in the palm of your hand. Thinksmaller with an affordable HP Slate 7 that keeps yourphotos, documents, music, games, and apps with youevery step of the day. Access and manage it all on thego(8a) with a fully-featured, 7-inch diagonal tablet thatbrings everything down to size including price.

3 thoughts on “HP Slate 2800 7-Inch 8 GB Tablet (Silver)

  1. Olivier Labrie says:

    Love my HP tablet. I never really care for Android devices. I’m a hardcore Microsoft user and have used 3rd party cheap android tablet that never ever meet my expectation.I receive this HP Slate 7 inches as a gift. I checked online and its a relatively cheap tablet and I wasn’t expecting much from it. I started using it and I was caught by it…. it is pretty fast and accurate. The storage is expandable with an additional 32GB and 1.6Ghz Dual Core processor make everything pretty smooth…. The tablet feel like a strong device that will not fall apart easily,The cameras are not a very good quality but I do not use them and they aren’t affecting my score.The audio is great with headset. The embedded speakers are tablet speakers and they deliver what they can.The size of the tablet is perfect to be used vertical. Not too wide… just like a big cell phone.

  2. David R. Mullins says:

    misplaced anticipation I purchased this tablet out of enthusiasm for it’s built in Beats Audio. While it does have Beats Audio built in, it is a very limited feature. The overall movement through the tablet is very smooth. However, I noticed early on that what should be beautiful HD graphics were grainy and down right ugly. I usually get nice photos on my Facebook wall. On my HP laptop, and my Samsung tablet the photos look beautiful, but on the Slate 7 the pictures are terrible. That was my first concern.Second concern, the Slate 7 didn’t come with a built in video player. The primary reason I started using a tablet, was to be able to watch movies and tv shows while walking on the treadmill. I downloaded a video player from Google Play and installed it. The Slate 7 did okay on some lower definition cartoons, but when I tried playing higher definition video it really struggled. It would either get all locked up and have distorted images, or would just have sub-par picture, similar to…

  3. D. S. "D S" says:

    Love my slate 7′ Recently another office store had a promo going on 30 off all tablets I then had an additional 30 off coupon in the mail and got this item for under 120.00 ( was priced originally at 169.oo. I really enjoyed my 10 inch hp tablet from the fire sale a few years ago so very much into hp environment. This tablet met my expectations was very easy to set up and I enjoyed the android experience on my Samsung so it was an easy transition to android on the tablet.The weight feels good, the viewing angles work well, the sound is great and ease of use is appreciatedCons However with that stated the battery life is not that great the 10 inch fire sale tablet had a much longer battery lifeit does not have Flash or GPS But for less then 120 i would get it again at that price. I am enjoying the size as wellglad i did not spend to much for this offering and i would recommend it

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