LG Electronics 55LF6300 55-inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2015 Model)

July 27, 2015 - Comment

Full HD TV


Cecil Meade Jr says:

Rather Disapointing, Doesnt Match 2014 Mid Range Sets Picture quality doesn’t compare with last year mid level Samsung (H5500). LG switched to VA panels this year, which has darker black levels, but worse viewing angles. Even so, blacks couldn’t equal the Samsung, and neither could whites get as bright.In game mode input lag is fine, but not in game mode input lag was awful. In game mode you lose most of the video settings in change for more basic ones. Renaming the input to PC allows you to keep all the normal settings while having low input lag.Motion is ok. This is a 60hz tv with motion smoothing (giving fake 120hz), not 120hz with smoothing like last year. Ghosting is better then the H5500 (which has really bad pixel response causing lots of ghosting), but still not great. Last year LB6300 was faster and smoother.Colors were ok, again not great. Cyan had a strong blue push, and couldn’t get it right. Main red/blue/green are decent, but still not as good as the H5500.Calibrated the TVs…

Erik D. Eike says:

Great TV With Great Streaming 0

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