PS3 12GB System

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PlayStation 3 12GB System

Play the Highest Rated Game Library Including PlayStation’s Exclusive Award-Winning ‘AAA’ Games like Gran Turismo, God of Warm and Uncharted. Stream your Favorite Entertainment Apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant Video for Free*. Watch Movies come to Life with the Built-In HD Blu-Ray Player. All on the PlayStation 3 12GB System.


Play. Stream. Watch. Amazing value at a low price. Play the largest highest rated games library. Stream services like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu. Watch HD Blu-ray on the PlayStation 3 12GB system. This generation’s largest exclusive games library. Dig into this platform generation’s most extensive library of exclusive games, including popular titles like LittleBigPlanet and award-winning AAA series such as God of War and Uncharted. Play online for no additional fee. Use an online connection to access PlayStation Network’s free* multiplayer. Bluetooth EDR capability makes communication easy and clear when you’re teaming up with friends. Download your apps for free.* Stream your favorite video services like Netflix and Hulu Plus for no additional fee. Sign up for streaming app subscriptions if you haven’t already and enjoy instant access. Enjoy Blu-Ray movies instantly. The built in Blu-Ray disc player brings your movies and shows to life in with stunning visual and sound quality.

*User is responsible for internet access fees

2 thoughts on “PS3 12GB System

  1. Shaun M. says:

    READ IF YOU PLAN ON UPGRADING HDD Just got my 12GB slim and before firing it up I was going to put in my 500GB HDD. Please note the following:* There is no physical 2.5″ SATA drive installed.* There is no HDD mounting bracket, that is a separate purchase of which the only one I could find available on Amazon is this: another $15 unless you can find the $10 Sony branded kit.I guess the problem was me assuming it had a 12GB 2.5″ SSD, where in actuality it is flash memory embedded on the board. I have the drive in there and rigged up so its not going anywhere, but it’s just unfortunate this was not well documented. Maybe it was and I missed it.

  2. Tom Boucher "Computer Geek" says:

    Bought to replace failed Slim Edition A month before the PS4 comes out I found myself in a situation where my PS3 Slim 250GB model blu ray had failed. I decided to purchase a new machine and associated hard drives (see reviews) to replace instead of trying to fix my PS3 since BF4 and AC4 were coming out shortly and I didn’t know how long it’d take me.It at it’s heart is a PS3. So depending on how you feel about that tends most of your review, as a replacement for my existing one there was one area I was a little surprised with and not sure how I feel, the BluRay drive itself.It’s a top opening device, so no more motorized feed. The right side of the unit ‘flicks’ open to the left and the disc is spinning for a moment when you go to eject. No longer can I push the button and point to a kid when I want it swapped out and my 12 year old bent a disc very uncomfortably not listening to me as I tried to explain how it’s locked down.It’s a bit noisier disk noise wise when the disks are…

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