Hamilton Beach Wave Power Plus Blender

Hamilton Beach Blenders are known worldwide for making smooth and delicious blended drinks. Over the years, people have relied on Hamilton Beach for perfect icy drinks, shakes, smoothies, and the innovation that this historic brand is famous for.

3 thoughts on “Hamilton Beach Wave Power Plus Blender

  1. Monica L. Wilson "GudrunTheRed" says:

    LOVE this powerful blender I had a mid-range Cuisinart blender for about 6 years and I was frustrated with it’s inability to blend my daily morning smoothies well. I use a good amount of frozen mixed berries in my smoothies and the Cuisinart was really weak. I replaced it with this Hamilton Beach model and this thing ROCKS! It’s super powerful and quieter and I love it.

  2. R. K. says:

    Hang Ten With This Beach Wave Blender Dude!! This thing far exceeds my expectations for a $40 blender. And I didn’t have to take out a second mortgage to get THE blender, if ya’ know whaddi mean. Maybe it’s not as powerful or versatile as those are, but it’ll do until I decide I may want to upgrade. The glass blender jar holds up to 40-ounces, or 5-Cups.This blender is surprisingly quiet, as far as blenders are concerned. I mean, there’s noise, yeah, but at least the heavy-metal rock band down the street ain’t yelling at me to turn it off ’cause they can’t hear themselves practice.The company states there are 12 functions. As you can see, there are five buttons:1. OFF2. Mix, Milkshake, Easyclean3. Puree, Smoothie, Icy Drink(The 4th & 5th buttons are PULSE option.4. Dice, Chop, Salsa5. Grind, Crush Ice, GrateIt handles ice cubes, frozen fruit, & green-smoothies fine. The time it takes for a green smoothie is (so far)about 30-45 seconds, maybe a minute if you like ’em…

  3. CH says:

    Works like a charm! This little blender is a work horse. I purchased it as a gift for my daughter and she is a smoothie junkie. She loves it. No complaints, works great. I have a much more expensive blender and this does a better job than the one I have. Would buy it for sure when my blender wears out.

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