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Home appliance store on Lamma
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Storefront on Lamma Island

US HOT STOCKS: Cavium, Medicis Shares Active In Late Trading
Whirlpool makes appliances under the Sears Kenmore brand, and the company's stores also carry other Whirlpool models like Maytag. In practice, Sears's plans to shutter roughly 5% of its large locations shouldn't make that much impact on Whirlpool sales …
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China's "Best Buys" scramble to tap e-commerce boom
Like books, home appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators are suited to online sales as customers do not necessarily need to visit a physical store and touch or try the products before deciding to buy. GOME would easily capitalize on the …
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Couple Thankful for Fire Insurance
One home on Pomegranate Avenue in Sacramento burned Monday, just one week before it was set to become home to its next family. The family that intended to live there was putting in new appliances and carpet and making other upgrades. …
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