Ninja BL204 Kitchen System Pulse Blender

A must have in any kitchen, the Ninja BL204 Kitchen System Pulse Blender melds together the best features of all your favorite kitchen appliances. This blender can crush ice to snow, blend tasty drinks, puree veggies to juice, mix cookie dough, and even knead pizza dough. It features a spacious 40-ounce bowl with lid and blends with the power of 700 watts. It also comes with a handy recipe book with over 150 delicious ways to use the Ninja Pulse Blender. Simply plug it in and let your imagination become inspired.   About Euro-Pro Euro-Pro is a pioneer and an innovative leader in the cleaning solutions and small household appliance industry. Ero-Pro has become known as providing products that are functionally smart, easy to use, and improve the daily quality of life for the user. Euro-Pro also markets products under the Bravetti, Shark, and Euro-Pro brand names. Originating in Europe, Euro-Pro moved to Canada before finally settling in Newton, Massachusetts. For over a century, products from this company have been helping families world-wide solve the problems presented by everyday chores. Professional style blender/processor. 700 watts of power. 40-ounce bowl with lid. Dishwasher safe parts. Combines several appliances into one. Dimensions: 14.2H x 12.4W x 7.8D inches.

3 thoughts on “Ninja BL204 Kitchen System Pulse Blender

  1. Naverly says:

    I’m impressed I read lots of reviews before purchasing this blender. I primarily was looking to replace my Kitchen Aid blender (the jar broke and finding a replacement was impossible. I also wasn’t overly fond of the thing.) I used my old blender mostly for making smoothies and occasionally making salsa. The Ninja Pulse is amazing to make a smoothie with. I was very impressed with how well it blended and the ease in clean-up. I love the personal, to go cups that are used to blend the smoothies in. My kids love smoothies but don’t always want the same flavors so now they can each have their own and then the clean up is a cinch.I did try the cookie paddle and it worked well. I don’t know that I would use it often as I have a Kitchen Aid stand mixer which is super for cookie making. The jar on the Ninja Pulse can not hold most cookie recipes unless cut in half. I had to stop frequently to scrape the sides of the jar and found it more time consuming. However the cookie dough did…

  2. I. Peters says:

    Quality & Convenience I bought the Ninja Pulse BL204 based on the very positive reviews here and would like to add one more:PROs:- Small footprint makes the Ninja Pulse suitable for smaller kitchens, too.- Strong: So far I have not had difficulties blending various ingredients when filling the cups/bowl smartly. The only time I had to let it run longer and abandon Pulse mode for holding it down continuously was when I had filled a single serve cup with milk, followed by thick yogurt and then added banana. The banana tended to stick to the bottom (which becomes the top when blending). Now I make sure to put the banana (and other soft ingredients like it) in last and it works well this way.- A lot of thought-out accessories makes it versatile: From single-serve smoothies to dips to cookie dough, this machine does it all.- Tightly closing: No leaking at all if one sticks with the instructions to not overfill. On occasion I have not done so and then…

  3. Lynie Lo 50 says:

    Happy holidays to me!!! The PULSE is fantastic! I had a magic bullet, broke after 2 months and really didn’t perform well. Tried the cuisinart personal blender, it was ok I guess. I hadn’t planned to every buy a personal blender again until I saw Ninja offered one. The personal blending cups work so well! I like to make smoothies in the morning before my workout and this makes it so convenient- add my frozen fruit, yogurt, and a splash of juice. This thing pulverizes EVERYTHING, I couldn’t believe it blended frozen fruit so well. No chunks, super quick, screw on the to go lid and YUM!THUMBS UP NINJA!

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