Oster 6811 6-Cup Glass Jar 12-Speed Blender, Brushed Nickel

A blender that’s anything but basic. Your life isn’t basic. Your blender shouldn’t be either. With the Oster 6811 you don’t have to sacrifice quality for simplicity. The large capacity, 6-cup glass jar is dishwasher-safe and has been Thermal Shock tested so you can pull it out of a steamy dishwasher and safely make a frosty cold beverage right away. The stainless steel “ice crusher” blade does just that so you get smooth frozen drinks every time. 12 speeds and 450 watts give you the power to perform for every usage occasion from frozen beverages to dips, sauces to smoothies, and soup to nuts. The Oster 6811 is made in North America and backed by the superior quality of All Metal Drive. Because the two pieces that connect are metal (instead of plastic), you get a more durable and longer-lasting blender that will function flawlessly, year after year, no matter the occasion. Has a 1-year warranty.

2 thoughts on “Oster 6811 6-Cup Glass Jar 12-Speed Blender, Brushed Nickel

  1. Serious Black says:

    absolute junk..here’s my story Based on the other reviews for this product, I felt this would be an economical and well performing blender. It has only led to disappointment and frustration for me.I bought this blender at the store. The next day, I used it to blend batches of pumpkin soup. I have plenty of experience with Oster blenders, having owned the beehive model for several years. Yet I could not get the jar to sit securely on the motor base. It always seemed to have some wobble to it. I blended my soup, but somehow it didn’t sound quite right to me, and there was a slight burning smell when it ran. Upon inspection I found that the drive shaft could be moved back and forth with my fingers. Looking through the vent at the bottom, I could see the whole motor was moving back and forth as I did this. About a 1/4 inch!I had already registered the warranty online, so I sent an e-mail to the company asking about this issue. It took two days to hear back from them, so in the meantime I returned the…

  2. C. Frisbie says:

    A real performerrrf While I only purchased this blender a month ago,the the metal to metal design has been around a long time and is proven. I actually replaced an old Avocato Oster (circa 70’s) blender that worked fine with a top of the line Kitchenaid three speed that I was finally glad to throw out. I have no axe to grind with Kitchenaid and own other of their products that work fine.I don’t care what brand you buy but make sure that both the cup and the gear drive are both made of metal – metal to metal. If either is plastic, you’ll be tossing it in five years or less. (Kitchenaid)Performance: tried crushing ice with this on high speed and it worked fabulously. Tried again on the low speed with the same results. Nice smooth ice and no chips.Also just used it to make a fine powder from soda crackers for a meatball recipe. Perfect. Nice soft powder, no chunks of crackers.My only other comment was price. If you do not need the Brushed Nickel, save the money ($20…

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