Touch-Enabled Apple iMac from Troll Touch

This is a demonstration of the Touch-Enabled aluminum Apple iMac from Troll Touch, Valencia, CA.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Apple iMac Review. Macrumors Link: iMac Gaming Video Test (Team Fortress 2):
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Touch-Enabled Apple iMac from Troll Touch

  1. hoshnasi says:

    I picked up the i7 3.4 with 4gb ram with the 1 gb video card over the weekend. The SDD upgrade is EXPENSIVE.  The best upgrade seems to be getting the extra RAM on the vid card.

  2. supahhfreak says:

    So I’m getting the 27″ for Christmas, and we had to go to Best buy to put it in Layaway, and the 21″ looks like a 13″ next to the 27″ hahahaha

  3. EverythingISTech says:

    @10Dave1 I think the games will run fine on the specs. Im not sure if you could completely max them out, but I don’t think it will be a waste.

  4. 10Dave1 says:

    I was going to get the i5 3.1Ghz and only the 1gb graphics card, how will that do for gaming? was looking for Rage and Skyrim etc, is that asking too much?

  5. icedsolid says:

    I’m looking at getting an imac or mac pro but don’t know how they will handle what I’m after… I do casual gaming like you and want to do HD video editing and photo work. The aim is to handle whatever a Canon 5diii will put out (when it gets released). It will probably put out photo’s around 30-50mb each and possibly have 26 megapixels.
    What do people recommend?

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