5 in 1 Card Reader for iPad

Up for sale is a new gen iPAD/iPAD2 connection kit featuring image/photo transfer via SD,MicroSD reader or USB cable of your camera. In addition,it supports standard keyboard input as well as USB flash drive to iPAD/iPAD2. The Connection Kit supports standard photo formats, such as JPEG and RAW etc. Through this new gen 5-in-1 iPAD/iPAD2 connection kit, the image/photo transfer from your camera to iPAD/iPAD2 becomes incredibly simple and efficient. Connect to iPAD directly, no software installation needed.

3 thoughts on “5 in 1 Card Reader for iPad

  1. Backyardtarpon says:

    Much better than expected I want to start by saying read the review, all of them, not just the bad ones. I knew I as taking a 50/50 chance on this working, and if it worked, would it do what it claims to do. But for just a few bucks, the beating wouldn’t be too bad if it didn’t.The package came today in the mail, just three days after placing my order. Okay, so the directions could be better written, but, if you read some earlier reviews, people have posted what steps to follow, ( as in the USB/SD switch on the side, and the need for a DCIM folder on the SD card). Without this information I can see why some people had issues with their unit, although I did not. Right out of the box mine worked flawlessly.Test one, I connected, not one, but two digital cameras to my iPad 2 using the USB port. Both connections allowed me to upload my pictures from the camera and then delete them from the cameras. Beautiful!Next, I checked the SD card (by way of PC) to make sure it had the necessary DCIM folder,…

  2. Pilar Binyon says:

    Did not work At first glance I was suspicious because the device felt flimsy and cheap, not at all like an Apple product.After inserting an SD card LESS than 1GB, it didn’t recognize it. I then tried the USB option and received an error message “not enough power” or something similar.I returned the product…very disappointed. Days later I purchased the 2-device Apple product at Best Buy and it worked perfectly right out of the box. It was sturdy and met my expectations.

  3. Brianpxm "brianpxm" says:

    Great improvement over Apple Camera Connection kit. . . First some background. We own two iPad’s, oldest since July of 2009. We were fortunate enough to receive the Apple Camera Connection kit on Christmas Day, and had great fun importing photo’s that we’d just taken of our family festivities. Never really saw the utility as a necessary accessory before then.This kit improves over the Apple kit in one important way. It’s ONE device as opposed to TWO to carry around! You see the Apple Kit has a separate dongle for USB, and another for SD Cards. This merges them all into one kit.The benefits of this are more compatibility with a broader array of input devices (including some USB keyboards, etc. that you will read about with the Apple Device). . . and 1/2 the chance of losing this important accessory.Now, we have grown to use this kit during photoshoots, and it allows us to view comp’s within seconds on the iPad screen, rather than removing the memory stick, uploading to the desktop computer, viewing, etc…

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