6 x Screen Protector for Apple Ipad 2

Protect your iPad 2 with this generic Clear Screen Protector. This High quality transparent clear screen protector repels dust and reduces glare. Film is simple to install. Film does not leave adhesive residue after being removed from the screen. Custom design for the phone, with precise cuts. Does not interfere with touch screen usability and protects the LCD. Smooth feeling of your phone’s display is left unchanged. Provides Maximum UV Protection. Crystal Clear – Totally Transparent. Quantity: 6 Clear Protective Film

3 thoughts on “6 x Screen Protector for Apple Ipad 2

  1. Digruk says:

    Much Better Than Anticipated… I don’t normally write reviews, but I felt this one deserved some love. For Christmas, I purchased three 7″ Android Tablets for my girls and wanted to protect the screens from scratches. After some exhaustive research, I found only one manufacturer that made screen protectors specifically for my tablets. Knowing that there was a high probability of messing the screen protector up while installing, I just couldn’t bring myself to purchase it for $29.99 (or maybe I’m just cheap). So after more research, I found this product. Realizing that I was not going to find a perfect fit, I figured I would by the bigger films and merely trim it to size for my devices.I read and re-read all the reviews on this product. While I was concerned about the quality, clarity, durability and the ease of install, I went ahead and purchased the screen protectors. I only needed 3 of them, but knew that I was bound to screw a bunch of them up in the process of learning the best way to install…

  2. Mama Heinze 13 says:

    Still waiting…. I placed my order on December 30th. It is now February 14th and I’ve yet to recieve my item. I have emailed the company twice in the past 2 weeks with no response. I only paid about $4 but it’s the fact that I have no gotten my item or a return email. Not good business! I don’t recommend ordering from this company.

  3. N. Gerzenstein says:

    Dont buy this product! The cheapest thing, in this case, is the worst thing too. The film is not as clear as it should be, because you will find resin defects, and there is no application method or kit for that. That will lead to bubbles near the defects. I tried to install 3 of those 6, but no way.I’m sure this product has been defective (with or without intentions, i dont know) since its creation.Finally, I went to BestBuy and bought the one they recommend: Just one film (not 6) for $30. I installed it, and the result was awesome!!!!IF THE SELLER OF THIS PRODUCT HAS ANY COMMERCIAL CRITERIA, HE SHOULD SEND ME BACK THE MONEY. I could not find the way to send my complaint to him avoiding the return procedure of the product. Who will pay the costs for sending back this piece of s…? Best regards to all of you….

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