Apple The new iPad (iPad 3) iPad2 Clear(Regular) Screen protector

Protect your Apple ipad 2 display from scratches with the customized screen protector, made specifically for your cell phone.Great quality screen protector films that protect your phone screen from scratches, dust and dirt.FEATURES: Protects the LCD screen against scratches and dust. Dust repelling Custom tailored for fitting. Improves touch operations for touch screen phones. No residue will be left behind when removing the screen protector SPECIFICATIONS:Product Color: ClearDimension: Custom-fitMaterial: LCD Screen Protect filmCOMPONENTS:1 Pieces Customizable screen protector; 1 piece Microfiber cloth; 1 piece scraperINSTRUCTIONS:1. Clean the device screen with microfiber cloth provided. Do not use any cleaning agents.2. Peel and fold the grid backing (tab #1) about an inch away from the screen protector, making sure the sticky side is facing down toward your device. Do not touch the sticky side with your fingers as fingerprints cannot be removed. 3. Align the screen protector with the device screen and gently apply the screen protector, working from one end to the other. For realignment, lift the screen protector (tab #2) and reapply. 4. Remove tab #2 label from screen protector once it is properly aligned. 5. Use the microfiber cloth to smooth away the bubbles from one end of the display to the other. Compatible With Apple The new iPad (iPad 3) iPad2 iPad 2 The new iPad (iPad 3)

2 thoughts on “Apple The new iPad (iPad 3) iPad2 Clear(Regular) Screen protector

  1. Jack C says:

    Appaling You certainly get what you pay for with this one. I put it on my iPad and not only was it significantly smaller than the screen, but when I put it on it was completely filled with streaks that looked like when you see a layer of oil on top of water. It looked so horrendous that I just took it off and threw it away because I knew it would never work. Never mind the fact that it was shipped in a paper envelope so it got bent at the corners which would have ruined it even if it had looked okay when applied. Honestly spend a little more and get a protector that will (hopefully) be shipped properly and will not look like total crap when it’s applied. I’m more mad at myself for buying this, I should have known better but I thought I was getting a good deal.

  2. Jen says:

    Good screen protector for the price I bought this screen protector for my iPad 3. Although slightly difficult to put on the directions were easy to understand and for the most part I got it on without bubbles. There are two total, only one however is visibly “annoying”. This is the first screen protector I’ve put on a screen this size so I assume it’s probably going to be impossible to get one on with absolutely no bubbles. I think for the price it’s great. It fit perfectly, works well with my case, and was shipped quickly.

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