Ctech 360 Degrees Rotating Stand (black) Leather Case for iPad 2 2nd generation

This Ctech brand premium quality pu leather case supports smart cover capability: automatically wakes on open and sleeps on close, it also features a unique design with a 360° swivel that allows the iPad 2 to rotate in portrait or landscape position while in the case. The center of the swivel is open so that Apple logo is clearly exposed.

Other key features:

High quality polyurethane leather exterior with dual layer hard interior cover provides complete strong protection

multiple viewing positions, including 2 vertical positions and 3 horizontal positions. the horizontal position at lowest angle is perfect for typing on the screen

Microfiber lining protects iPad screen from scratch

Full access to all functions while in the case

Easy & quick installation: snap on left part of iPad 2, then right

More colors available:

White: B0058V2126

purple: B005F5I9TO

Green: B005F47YDW

Pink: B005GYD9DA

Red: B005KSAV60

flowers: B005FIFDSQ

2 thoughts on “Ctech 360 Degrees Rotating Stand (black) Leather Case for iPad 2 2nd generation

  1. richvsoon says:

    Good price but with minor flaws It works fine as far as allowing iPad 2 to stand in portrait or landscape position. It rotates quite smoothly and holds its standing positions just fine. But the automatic switch that turns off the iPad when the cover closes only works very inconsistently. It is not a big deal because the iPad will still turn itself off after a minute or two without activities. The corner where the volume switch and the on/off switch located does not snug fit like the other 3 corners. But it is also not a big deal because the other 3 corners can still hold the iPad tight such that there is no danger of falling out. Overall I am still satisfied because of the very good price (as compared to the $60 version by Targus).

  2. Joe "Techie" says:

    Not as sturdy as pictured, the perfect case search will goes on Prime member. Bought this case as a cheaper aternative than the other well known brand that start with “T”.Received the item from the third party delivery company (ensenda), not my ussual delivery company.Cons:Opening the box and immediately the strong chemical smell came off from the case, After holding the case for a few minutes, the strong chemical smell stuck on my fingers.I’ve noticed the case had a rubber band on the cover that is not mention in the product description, I would guess the rubber band is use to hold the cover and the base together.The case is very flimsy, not very sturdy to hold the ipad 2 on the vertical positions.Only 2 out 3 groove position can be used, as the 3rd position not doing very well to hold the ipad.Pro:Looks goodHalf the price of the major name brand case (you got what you paid for)Does not add significant tickness to my ipad

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