Elan Folio for Ipad Black

Griffin Elan Folio for iPad, BlackCarry your iPad in Elan Folio like a personal notebook. The case flipsopen for quick access to your Multi-Touch display,and closes like a book for privacy and protection. Elan Folio doesn’t stop working when you stop carrying it. Flip the cover around and lock it in back to turn the folio into a multipositionable easel. Elan Folio holds your iPad upright in landscapeposition for reading and viewing pictures and video. For drawing, tapping and typing, turn it overand lay it down in a comfortably inclined position. Elan Folio frames and protects your Multi-Touchdisplay, with cutouts for unhindered access to ports and controls. Elan Folio is easy to carry and easy to keep clean.

3 thoughts on “Elan Folio for Ipad Black

  1. Leslie M. Yeung "Tiggy" says:

    Really nice $5.99 and free shipping? You’re kidding right? This is a joke, yes? Well, it is not. This is a really great cover! My mom just got a free iPad with her credit card points and so OF COURSE she needs a form of protection for it. She can be a bit clumsy and since she works in a flower shop, her hands are not always the cleanest.The case is really nice leather, faux leather? I can never tell. But it is of good quality. It is not luxuriously soft or anything but neither is it the cheap plastic-y like of leather. My mom is really happy with it and she likes that it can fold into a stand.I would buy again, and I would recommend this to anyone who wants a decent case that isn’t too ostentatious or tacky and is well constructed.No, this is not a bought review.

  2. Ashes JH says:

    Nice case but could be better. First off, this is an overall decent case for the money you spend: it is indeed lightweight but sturdy, and fits the FIRST GENERATION IPAD perfectly.However. There are some things that just totally sell me on a case and this one lacks all three, two of which I will not state here because I knew those features weren’t included but took a chance anyway. My only complaint to share is how the iPad is held inside the case. The flap that folds under is designed to keep the device in place but it doesn’t work well wherever gravity is present. My iPad is constantly slipping down and I cannot hold it at a certain angle (home button on the right-hand side) without fearing that my iPad will slip clean out to greet whatever hard surface is below with a heart-wrenching clatter of glass and metal. What’s more, the way the cover folds back to create the stand puts the flaky flap at the bottom to that touching the part of the iPad screen where a slider or volume control would be difficult…

  3. Christopher J. Pittman says:

    great price for great case Hard to find cases for first generation iPad. This is the second one of these I have had and they are great. Product arrived quickly and in good condition.

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