Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover Mini for iPad mini – Black (920-005021)

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Mini 920-005021 Keyboards & Keypads

3 thoughts on “Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover Mini for iPad mini – Black (920-005021)

  1. S. Laramore says:

    It’s the best you can buy right now… I admit I didn’t buy this from Amazon…why do that when you can get it at the apple store for $79? I have a ultrathin keyboard cover for my ipad 4 and it works great. By far the best typing experience that you can get from any of the BT keyboards. So when I saw this come out I was an early adopter with high hopes.It is good. The keys are larger for people with large fingers like myself. Also the keys are relatively in the same position that they are on a qwerty keyboard. I’ve seen some that have the ‘ key as a special function key….come on, really and apostrophe as a special function key. Maybe I type with too many conjunctions I don’t know but one thing I do know is that I’m not going to hold down a function key everytime I need to type “isn’t” or “I’m”.Back to the keyboard. It’s a little cramped but is a good balance. I have big hands so it’s a little painful to get used to but so is the tradeoff.Aesthetically, this thing is beautiful…

  2. Mateo Hyun Suk Chang says:

    Don’t be one of those.. ..people who expect this keyboard to be like a standard keyboard. Wake up folks: it’s a small keyboard for a small tablet. Expect the keys to be close to each other (takes 15 minutes of normal typing to accustom to it). It’s like folks who buy a SmartForTwo car and complain there’s no space for luggage! “Excuse me, hi. I’d like a small pizza that can feed a family of eight please.”I work all day on my mini using this keyboard. My ONLY gripe? Or maybe a farfetched dream: trackpad swipe control along the space button! Hit command and slide my fingers along this sexy space bar to alternate between screens. Heheheh..Ok, in all seriousness.. Loved this keyboard. I was gifted by a co-worker with one of Logitech’s competitors – umm.. No comparison. Smoother and seemlessly connected, this Logi-mini doesn’t skip a beat. Loved it and will buy another one as soon as my trackpad space bar version is released. I’ll glady pay double for it. Just sayin – would be a wet dream…

  3. Mike C says:

    Easy to type on This is easy to type on, despite being a scaled down keyboard. They keys are fairly close together, and you have to hold your hands slightly to the left rather than dead center (like with regular keyboards). The ipad mini fits in the slot perfectly, and is held in place magnetically. There is only one viewing angle, but I found it to be good.The typing experience is fine, and it is a small, portable (and very lightweight) keyboard. However, I don’t like using it as a cover for the following reasons:1) It doesn’t protect the back2) unlike every other cover, if you want to hold the ipad in your hands and use it like a tablet, you can’t fold this cover back- it falls off. Really, if you want to use your ipad as a stand alone tablet, you have to remove the keyboard lid and put it somewhere else.3) Although it has sleep/wake functionality via a magnet, this magnet does not hold the cover closed. In fact, there is nothing holding the cover closed…

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