Tech Armor Apple iPad Mini Premium HD Clear Screen Protector with Lifetime Replacement Warranty [3-Pack] – Retail Packaging

Protect Your Apple iPad Mini Tablet, The TECH ARMOR Way!

Tech Armor HD Clear Screen Protectors provide the highest transparency while still delivering scratch resistant protection for your Apple iPad Mini Tablet Display!

All Tech Armor Screen protectors are made of the highest quality Japanese PET Film available with 100% Bubble-Free Silicon Adhesives.

Every Tech Armor Screen Protector is backed by theTECH ARMOR LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY!

COMPATIBILITY: Apple iPad Mini Tablet, All Carrier Models

ALSO AVAILABLE: TECH ARMOR Antiglare Screen Protector for the Apple iPad Mini, Amazon Part: B008THTWIW

The TECH ARMOR Screen Protector Kit Includes:

-Three (3) HD Clear Screen Protectors

-Installation Instructions

-Smoothing Card

-Lint Free Polishing Cloth

-Bubble Removal Tape

-Retail Packaging


INSTALLATION: Please visit our amazon Webstore and watch the installation video to get the most of your screen protection investment and to get a Bubble Free Install!


We are committed to your satisfaction and will send you replacements free of charge for:

-Installation Problems such as bubbles or other user error

-Scratched or damaged screen protectors

-Wear and Tear

Our commitment to you is that we will keep your device protected, the TECH ARMOR WAY, or your money back.

3 thoughts on “Tech Armor Apple iPad Mini Premium HD Clear Screen Protector with Lifetime Replacement Warranty [3-Pack] – Retail Packaging

  1. Carl B says:

    Company stands behind it’s products After writing a review about the difficulty I had installing the screen protector, Tech Armor contacted me and offered to replace the protector and advised me to watch their video on proper installation. Although I did not take them up on their offer, they sent me a replacement anyway. I was shocked that a company would do such a thing unsolicited. After watching the video, I installed the screen protector without a problem. Tech Armor now has my confidence as a stand-up company willing to back their products. I therefore change my rating to 5 stars. I would recommend Tech Armor products to anyone looking for a good product backed by a company with integrity.

  2. Robbyrob "Robbyrob" says:

    Very Impressed! I was very nervous about putting on a screen protector for my new ipad mini. I have an ipad 2 and paid Best Buy to put it on. I just couldn’t deal with the hassle and knowing you only get one protector usually, I wanted it done right. Cue to the fact that I mistakenly purchased the anti-glare protector which totally distorted the pixels on the ipad2’s display so my big warning is NOT to purchase anti-glare unless you are prepared for the visual distortion to your lovely screen. I ended up ripping that one off and having to buy a clear protector that a friend was nice enough to install for me.When I decided to treat myself to a mini, I knew I needed a screen protector but I certainly didn’t want to pay $25 for just one…you live you learn. I perused Amazon and came across the Tech Armor protectors. I read some of the reviews but mostly loved the low price point and that you get 3 to a package. I purchased 2 packets of protectors just in case I royally kept screwing…

  3. Darth PwnU says:

    Meets my needs This was exactly what i was looking for in an ipad mini screen protector.I wanted one that wasn’t really visible while on the device, and didn’t show fingerprints as much as the screen itself… check and check!There is a little bit of space on the top and bottom, but I just wanted my actual screen covered, and the space it doesn’t cover is so small, as it makes no difference.Overall, very happy with product! Good snag if you can under $7 or so.

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