iPhone 4S review

December 30, 2011 - Comment

iPhone 4S review

Joshua Topolsky of The Verge reviews the iPhone 4S. www.theverge.com


norbert13ful says:

want 4S? try giveaway on wruu.info !!
hurry up!!

betman007 says:

@Onanoko no, I just got my iPhone 4s for Free for promotion, simply google for: iPhone4sGiveaway.info

So I don’t give a shit about the similar shape to the iphone 4 as long as it’s free 🙂

burningcontrollers says:

@simonesaracino007 yes

simonesaracino007 says:

does it have FaceTime?

thrillmoves101 says:

I’m getting mine sunday

norbert13able says:

want 4S? try giveaway on wruu.info !!
hurry up!!

smileyb10 says:

lols this is a bunch of crap!!! try the galaxy s2, lg thrill 4g, galaxy infuse 4g etc- wayy better thann this piece of overpriced ass wipe junk!

jmaston13 says:

I get mine friday..

HarliNicole1 says:

I’m getting mine today in the mail! 😀

IdaMSG says:

I think mine will be here tomorrow. I’m so exited!! xD

michaelbryant21 says:

for everyone who has one you guys should give me feedback on your battery life!
i read through some apple forums which left me considered and reconsidering getting one. people were saying they cant even get through the day with it and some saying they will lose like 20% battery life after a few hours just on stand by mode (screen off not even doing anything)

im curious how widespread this problem actually is

michaelbryant21 says:

@Ahmeto027 thats with rebate n shit.
i think without perks from your provider or whatever its like $600+
mom still pays my phone bill so im not that familiar with how contracts work n stuff but i know that you can get phones cheaper the longer you wait to upgrade and apple advertises the absolute lowest price you can possibly get one

havent you ever noticed how an ipod touch is advertised to be more expensive than an iphone. thats why

dicebladZ says:

i can’t wait fir my i phone to come on friday!!!!

ItziRonaldo says:

@Ahmeto027 i dont even have 20$

Faubaus94 says:

@497jjohnson there is a better thing called android phones ^^

Ahmeto027 says:

@ItziRonaldo huh it’s just 299$

SuperFishattack says:

Hey guys, should i get this? or wait for 5?

ItziRonaldo says:

thumbs up if you have no money for it !

TheHEYdrew says:

this sucks mine was suppose to come before christmas but its been delayed until january 12th….

norbertcopper says:

want 4S? try holiday giveaway on wruu.info !!
last chance!!

497jjohnson says:

74 people dont have an iphone

tppwplprp1 says:

Siri who made you ? A cool person

OptimusReimHD says:

PLEASE ANSWER : im planniing to get an iPhone for Christmas . So shud i get iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S , and what are the price differences ?

supercoolis93 says:

@superfish554 defently not

muzaffar0557 says:

Ask Siri, which is better Android or IPhone !

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