New Mac OS X Lion, MacBook Air and More!

Twitter: Website: Apple New Mac OS X, MacBook Air, iLife ’11 Apple: New Mac OS X, MacBook Air, iLife ’11 Apple: New Mac OS X, MacBook Air, iLife ’11 Apple: New Mac OS X, MacBook Air, iLife ’11
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25 thoughts on “New Mac OS X Lion, MacBook Air and More!

  1. gyeah2007 says:

    Great commentary! Summed everything up nicely. I need more info on Lion but that is just because I am unschooled. I plan to look through other vids you may have made.

  2. Akashgamer says:


  3. ichisuke03 says:

    I have 2 questions: first, this OS X lion new features only work in trackpad? It seems i’m working in a big iPad instead working in a normal mac. Second, if you upgrade you’re previous OS to OS X lion, will it boost up the boot?

  4. hugospectrum4v says:

    Can eny1 help me…after i install combo update to pass from snow leopard 10.6.6 to 10.6.8 my preview app and the About this Mac dont work. Preview won´t open and About this Mac only shows a full blue screen for a few seconds.

  5. backtodecemberx31 says:

    well, they are trying to make it MORE like ios, not exactly like it.. i hope i can finally get a mac. my little hp laptop cant realy handle much more.. O.O

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