How To: Replace the Upper Case in a 13″ MacBook Pro Unibody

December 28, 2011 - Comment

Replacing the Upper Case in a 13″ Macbook Pro Unibody is a big job, but don’t let that scare you away! This video will show you the process of replacing the Upper Case in a 13″ Unibody Macbook Pro. In this video we used the 2011 version but the repair is similar in the earlier

Replacing the Upper Case in a 13″ Macbook Pro Unibody is a big job, but don’t let that scare you away! This video will show you the process of replacing the Upper Case in a 13″ Unibody Macbook Pro. In this video we used the 2011 version but the repair is similar in the earlier models. Make sure to follow the step by step guide for your specific model on our site here: You can find all the tools you will need to do this repair on this page

This is an unboxing and overview of the 2011 MacBook Pro. Here are some more specs on the specific model – 15-inch: 2.2 GHz 2.2GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 4GB 1333MHz 750GB 5400-rpm1 Intel HD Graphics 3000 AMD Radeon HD 6750M with 1GB GDDR5 Built-in battery (7 hours)
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socrates777 says:

@Karinesipad i bought my mac in may this year but i have a cosmetic problem one corner of the mac is cracket , apple can fix it.?

Karinesipad says:

@ChiefTech01 Free :) Still had warranty, Apple care rocks!!!! 😀

ImShayBone says:


ChiefTech01 says:

@Karinesipad how much did they charge you

gu1t4rhero says:

omg! you’re hot!

FJPhotographer says:


blues03 says:

@sindekit Until you get the bill. Glad all my repairs were under warranty, even had to go in on the last day.

seabreezemm says:

Guys do try and remember you are here to get instruction on how to repair something…not hit on the young lady that is trying to teach you something…lol

MACvideosIL says:

broken key? wont be smarter to just replace the one key?

glitterland18 says:

Very good quality

bullenkamel says:

Nice quality video !

Karinesipad says:

Apple replaced my upper case 🙂

ayudan24688 says:

i broke my shift key, and apple is going to replace my upper case=_=

sindekit says:

I feel sympathetic to the repair guys at apple stores now…

Threemicsrecords says:

unscrewing screws never sound so sexy… 🙂

rrarhes says:

@allthatstuff35 or if u want to use windows on a mac….install it it crash.. use osx..pretty damn straight..

MyWorldIsTech says:

@allthatstuff35 Thats not fixing it, thats downgrading to shit

smikules says:

Aww she’s so cute without her glasses! She’s such a HOTTY!

bonhamercury1 says:

I’m definitely missing the glasses

allthatstuff35 says:

how to fix a mid 2011 macbook pro keyboard

1. turn it off

2. throw it out your window

3. run to a store


revinriley says:

I would pay Apple to fix this, too much for me to handle. Plus, what do you do when you put it all back together, push the power button, then nothing happens….who agrees?

philiprawks says:

Beautiful machine, Beautiful presenter, Beautifully presented. Just awesome MJ!

alatulchat says:

what a beauty… i love you mj….

ThexBorg says:

I have been building PCs and Mac for 25 years…

ThexBorg says:

Hmmmm really I do not see any value of this deconstruction process regardless of whether it is an activity of ‘repair’. ‘don’t really need a screw tray?’ 50+ screws of different kinds… Replacing them in order? Or perhaps re-gluing the speaker in place? Or perhaps re-gluing the cables behind the hdd? Really it’s a nice video bit again it’s easy to have a barrier of responsibility via an ‘instructional’ video. Nice as it is… Apple would probably replace the MacBook with a small fee and replac

iSizzleElectronics says:

@yoyobeerman1289 mine works great. i would recommend returning it or getting it checked out

yoyobeerman1289 says:

@iSizzleElectronics does yours have performance issues? because i was kind of disappointed in mine =/ not worth the cash I think.

iSizzleElectronics says:

this is an AWESOME computer! im on mine right now lol

iFoleyTech says:

getting a fall 2011 13 inch for xmas 🙂

MrMicr0phonePro says:

Dear Santa…..

AntiBoarding007 says:

How did you upgrade the Graphics card?! Please respond quickly!

liverpoolprince says:

unboking starts at 0:22

IceUlquiorra says:

is it just me or does he sound more monotone than usual?

kokomanen says:

@SPgamerPS3 The ASUS G74SX has better hardware, but macs will always have better software.

frankyman321 says:

Speaking of MacBooks, nice unwrapping! Can’t wait till I can have my own!!! 😀

frankyman321 says:

@2nukes1city, that’s so weird! Im getting a MacBook tomorow for that exact reason! I’ve done research and seeing as your really looking for the same kinda thing in a laptop as I am, I recommend you go for the 13 inch MacBook pro, my friends have one and I’ve tried it, if you want gaming and browsing power, its got all you would need and more, And with a surprisingly big screen! The bigger screens are jus ridiculous, you don’t need a movie theatre on your lap! 🙂

2nukes1city says:

I am thinking of getting the 13 inch lowest one, I want to do some browsing and play minecraft. Anyone tell me what i would get fancy normal smoothing light on with optifine, How many fps would i get?

shanedasontv says:

@SPgamerPS3 haha are you kidding get a macbook pro windows can lick my sack…

SoneAlways says:


SPgamerPS3 says:

GUYS PLS HELP!!!!! I WANT A POWERFUL LAPTOP….what should i get???

SwordsmasterMarth says:

@RedJimmy3 I’m majoring in Computer Science and minor ign in business.

RedJimmy3 says:

@SwordsmasterMarth It really depends on what you’re studying. If you’re doing CAD stuff [Architecture and/or Engineering], Video or Audio editing, go for the MacBook Pro [15″ at least]. The 13″ is just not practical for those functions: You need the screen space. If you’re just doing something like Literature, Philosophy or anything else that will just require word processing and research on the web, then go for the Air. It is a heap of fun and ultra-portable. What are you studying by the way?

Reviewer777 says:

@SwordsmasterMarth or macbook pro

Reviewer777 says:

@SwordsmasterMarth alienware

SwordsmasterMarth says:

If your going to collage which is better MacBook pro or MacBook air?

sparkie119 says:

I’m jealous I hate you! I wish I could get it for christmas.

pwkn0 says:

@TaniA7X That’s the IR sensor for an Apple remote.

MrSeaweed6 says:

Can u link to which to buy???


Great unboxing

snipe2531 says:

@snipe2531 thats why i might get one! 😀 too bad its $1000 or else i would get it…

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