HP EX495 1.5 TB MediaSmart Home Server (Black)

The HP EX495 Media Smart Server is the all-in-one solution to manage your media: a home server that can automatically backup and protect your digital memories, centralize your media and content for sharing with family and friends, and enable you to enjoy your digital media while at home or away. Network-based backup of PCs using Windows Home Server as well as Macs using Apple’s Time Machine. Media streaming of photos, music and videos to PCs, the entertainment center and remote devices including the iPhone. What’s in the box: HP EX495 (1.5TB plus 3 unused expansion bays) MediaSmart Server, Power cord, Ethernet cable, Software installation disc , PC restore disc, Server recovery disc and Setup Poster and HP support guides. One year limited warranty and our dedicated software technical support available from date of purchase both online and by phone.

3 thoughts on “HP EX495 1.5 TB MediaSmart Home Server (Black)

  1. Stanltaaf says:

    Useful and solid quality – for the committed user but not for picky people ~ Rev. July 2010 I’m technically inclined, but not an engineer. I have some experience with this topic… I first built my own server with spare parts and run it at my home. I am reviewing this because I bought it for my parents and installed it.Preface – as of 2010, I’ve seen a lot of heartache about Mac Compatibility. Please, do some research before purchasing this product for a Mac to see if this will fit your needs. There is a TON of outside forum support about this. Otherwise my original review still stands:Part 1: The software, and what HP brings to the party:Windows Home Server is actually a program (based on Windows Server 2003 with enhancements, optimized and pre-configured), and is easy to use in a home. And it is good, all by itself. HP’s contributions by adding on its own ‘add-ins’ make the software better.As a sample of what this means for you, an example: If you are recording tv shows on in Windows 7 media center you can offload…

  2. Whaledad says:

    Not easily impressed… but I am now Working in the computer industry for over 25 years, I’m not easily impressed. Two quad-core processor, 8 GB of RAM and 2.5 TB of storage in a home pc… nice, but just “more of the same”.Most of the computer innovation of the last couple of years has been “more, faster and bigger”, but nothing revolutionary.However, the new MediaSmart EX495 is truly amazing: the speed, the capacity, but more importantly: the ease-of-install, and ease-of-use that DON’T “handycap” the “power user”, are fabulous.I had the server up and running in a few minutes. It’s now supporting 6 users, 1 MediaSmart Connect x280n (why did they stop making that!?), and 1 Roku M500. I added a second 1.5-TB hard drive and have already filled almost half of the total capacity (25,000 songs, 28,000 pictures, 600 videos, and loads of other stuff). This includes doubling almost every directory (I like this feature over Raid 1 as it provides much more flexibility), and backups of all PCs. The most impressive…

  3. CaliDuckPhan "Sam" says:

    Idiot proof…even for an idiot like me This little guy got delivered by Amazon a few days before it’s original release. I am not much of a directions guy, but was extremely pleased with how easy this was to set up and how intuitive it was when it came to setting it up. I’ve got 1 workstation, 2 netbooks, and 2 laptops that backup wirelessly to this guy. If they are already on the same wireless network, it’s simply a matter of clicking the ‘add computer’ button. There’s no need to fuss with any of the backup settings unless you are particular, as it will do the work automatically for you. You can then either access your files via the console or remotely at your convenience.I can’t stress enough how nice and convenient it is to be able to centrally access all my files without having to shuffle files back and forth between the local hard drives and having piece of mind knowing it’s being backed up automatically. I previously did this with Time Capsule which while it worked at times, was tempermental and slow. I’m…

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