Minecraft – Server LP – A new beginning.

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www.greenpeace.org The Energy [R]evolution is Greenpeace’s plan to save the planet from catastrophic climate change. Susan Sarandon narrates the last of three ‘Reasons to Believe’ short videos that explain the potential of renewable energy . We need an Energy [R]evolution.
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25 thoughts on “Minecraft – Server LP – A new beginning.

  1. faerydhhlo says:

    Free Energy is real and it’s here but the coverup is strong, if u r interested in a REAL free energy magnet motor then

    just go to LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM and download the blueprints ,it’s probably the ONLY working magnet

    motor out there. Join the free energy revolution!!

  2. ivylsp says:

    Free Energy is real and it’s here! The Oil companies r doing everything they can to stop this

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  3. slipshodcoqbgg says:

    Free Energy is real and its here but the coverup is strong, if u r interested in a REAL free energy magnet motor then

    just go to LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM and download the blueprints ,it is probably the ONLY working magnet

    motor out there. Join the free energy revolution!!

  4. tristanXIV says:

    yes, individual choices but of certain individuals.

    for me the free market is governed more by frenzy and anarchy than by anything else.

    I’m trying to say for instance is that conservatives see liberals as their enemy, but they aren’t, they might be their ideological opposites, but the real, material force changing their beloved society is the economic system

    I don’t think the economy, technology, culture, politics and society are as integrated as you say, I think they clash and conflict

  5. bmed19 says:

    but isnt the free market economy governed by individuals’ choices? isnt the technology integrated into society chosen as a result of economic, cultural, political, social, and intellectual factors? Therefore, is not economic and technological evolution just a reflection of human interactions and the ideologies, values, and beliefs they hold?

  6. tristanXIV says:

    for me the problem is that people consider ideology more important than material reality. like people who fall for nationalism which blind their critical view of their government.

    the economy and technology are in fact the most important agent of change in a society, for good or worse. bankruptcy is probably the major reason for divorce…on the other hand technology affects how we behave, communicate etc. want a different society? start by changing the economy, I think.

  7. bmed19 says:

    if you depict the economy and technology as some autonomous self governing force controlling the world independent of the concious decisions the people make then why does it matter to you what everyone thinks? Why are you so hostile towards people clinging onto their ideologies when u claim they have no role in the way the world works?

  8. tristanXIV says:

    When I say I don’t give a fuck, I mean to be realistic. both conservatives and liberals tend to cling to their ideal or utopian models for society. I feel sorry for both sides, but especially for conservatives, they daydream of idyllic world that really never existed, and blame liberals for the changes in society, when in fact, the economy and technology are the driving forces of any social change, but they fail to embrace that fact

    people are trapped in ideological perceptions, why even bother

  9. bmed19 says:

    you seem to dispise the current structure of our society. but you seem to have this image of the perfect world where everything is fair and just and everyone respects one another. but u hide it behind this “i dont give a fuck” persona. It is quite endearing. maybe you should preach your “good-willed” vision rather than complain about how retarded everyone is. lead by example, non?

  10. tristanXIV says:

    I really advice you to move to Dubai, they’re building a post-modern paradise with your U.S dollars. keep buying oil.

    I frankly don’t care about what happens with the world, or if you’re country goes bankrupt while others profit because your ideological fixations and unwillingness support innovation.

    I don’t want to keep the world clean for motherfuckers who don’t deserve it. I hope the quality of the air in your city worsens in the next decades. it’ll be great.

  11. bmed19 says:

    i build wind turbines as a hobby. i think they are great. but for you to say that i cloud my opinions with my ideologies is absolutey true. so do you. and especially greenpeace. there is no such thing as an unbiased idea or opinion. they are all based on ones current understandnig of the world. and my understanding is that you and greenpeace suck.

    advice: stop trying to prentend that u guys know everything and that your ideas are always ‘right’. its just comes off as arrogant and selfish

  12. tristanXIV says:

    maybe not in your town at ground level…what an ideological moron.

    even if you were given facts what you see already is determined by your fucking ideological bias. so there’s no point in being logical with people like you. Go to Dubai and see how you are making them rich.

  13. Auticomics says:

    although i see the arguments of people who denie there is a problem, we should point out that the oil problem isn’t for ever.
    we should find new and better energy recources before we all run out of power!

  14. SwisssBolla says:

    An European consortium is going to invest 400 billions Euro in solar energy installations in the Sahara desert. It will cover 15% of the European electricity need. Not bad.

  15. KlaxonCow says:

    The two are not mutually exclusive.

    Videos can reach people that protests can’t (but, yes, it’s also true that protests can do things that videos can’t as well).

    It’s not “either..or” – ideally, neither should get in the way of the other and, together, they generate more awareness combined than either could do apart.

  16. stollensecret says:

    i dont get why we dont harness natures energy, instead of creating energy out of things like nuclear power. i prefer things made by nature, because it doesnt mess up, man does.

  17. bmed19 says:

    wind energy: what a turbine is rated for is wut energy it would generate at the max wind speed. rarely does the wind consistently blow at these velocities.

    cmon greenpeace. u know the facts. stop spreading the lies

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