WD 4TB WD Sentinel DX4000 Small Business Network File Storage Server iSCSI NAS

Whether you’re an IT expert or not, WD Sentinel is easy to install and provides secure centralized storage, complete data protection, and remote file access for your employees and trusted vendors while in the office or from anywhere.

3 thoughts on “WD 4TB WD Sentinel DX4000 Small Business Network File Storage Server iSCSI NAS

  1. Adam Hems says:

    For technophobes and power-users alike: VERY easy to use, yet very powerful too My hobby is photography, and over the last 20 years I’ve accumulated a large (1.6Tb) catalog of family photos and videos (I’ve digitised all my slides, negatives and video tapes in order to preserve them). They are hence very precious to me and I am fairly paranoid about losing them to a hard disk failure, so have over the years invested in a series of ever-larger external hard drives to back my collection up to.Recently I did have a multi-drive solution () – and it worked great initially (for a year or so) but as time passed the interface (USB 2.) was a bottleneck, it’s a point solution (not on the home network – I have to plug it in to any PC I want to back up), and it only holds two hard-drives (my data needs grew too fast for just two drives). I looked at upgrading that to the newest version as of this writing…

  2. PhotoGeek says:

    Purchase this product and six days later you can use it! This is my fourth NAS. The others have been Readynas and Synology. This is also my first Windows-based NAS so part of my review involves a comparison with the Linux based NAS units. Overall I have to say that I’m disappointed. The hardware looks solid and I really like the trayless bays. Makes it easy to slip in a disk and there’s no need for additional hardware.On the downside (although some of the complexity is hidden) this is not an easy device to manage. It’s basically Windows on a server with all of the regular Microsoft updates and the ability to install and configure it almost like a Windows box. The Linux based NASs are actually much easier to use and configure because more of the complexity has been hidden away. Here are some of my notes after using the Sentinel DX4000.Physical – The Good+ Can connect two power supplies+ Two Ethernet w/teaming possible (unlike the Readynas Ultra 6+)+ USB 3.0+ 2GB RAM. Most of the NASs I’ve used…

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