Canon PowerShot SX170 IS 16.0 MP Digital Camera with 16x Optical Zoom and 720p HD Video (Black)

The Canon PowerShot SX170 IS Digital Camera is a compact, point-and-shoot featuring a 16 megapixel 1/2.3″ CCD sensor and DIGIC 4 image processor to produce high-resolution, well-detailed stills and HD 720p video. The processor also works to provide reduced noise levels and overall image clarity as well as power throughout the camera to enable a High Speed AF system and intelligent auto shooting modes. The built-in Canon 16x optical zoom lens provides a 35mm-equivalent focal length range of 28-448mm, covering wide-angle to telephoto lengths for shooting in nearly any environment. Intelligent IS image stabilization is also available and features six unique stabilization modes suited to different types of shooting. For image composition, playback, and menu navigation, a 3.0-inch 230k-dot LCD is available and features a wide viewing angle to support use in bright conditions. The SX170 IS also features a refined ergonomic design to increase comfort during use.

3 thoughts on “Canon PowerShot SX170 IS 16.0 MP Digital Camera with 16x Optical Zoom and 720p HD Video (Black)

  1. tcaseyrochester "tcaseyrochester" says:

    Great Compact point & shoot for the money, battery is a non- issue Technology marches on. I am an avid amateur photographer with 50+ years of experience with every film and focal plane technology ever created. This camera is my latest “pocket camera” to have with me 24/7, it’s for those unique unplanned shots that always pop up when you least expect them and when your DSLR is just not an option to lug around with you all day.Some have criticized the change from AA sized batteries to a Canon propriety battery pack. Hogwash. Technology is going to move forward and the use of a battery pack simply does not mean this camera is any less useful. When you travel into the great whatever with an older camera you thought ahead and took extra batteries with you. Now you think ahead and make sure your battery is charged and yes if you will be away from an outlet you take as many extra battery packs as you need. I am guilty of not thinking ahead plenty of times with the AA technology with no means of stopping into a store to buy more, this camera is…

  2. John Sturgeon says:

    The Day the Last 2-AA Battery, Travel & Field Camera – Died As some of you know, the Canon SX100 series are my favorite cameras. I always carry the latest model with me in a video-camera-shoulder-bag (i.e. – “purse” for dudes,) everyday, wherever I go. I have owned and used all of them from the SX100 to the SX160. I have long-considered the Canon SX100 line of cameras to be “The Best 2-AA-Battery All-Purpose Travel and Field Cameras Ever Made.” I have posted 5-star reviews of both the SX150 and SX160 here on Amazon during the last two years, and I have made it abundantly clear why I feel so strongly favorable of them.Accordingly, I bought a new Canon SX170. I tested it out to compare it. For sentimental reasons, I intend to keep it. But for the most obvious of reasons, which I just indicated in the above statement, I’m not pleased with it. To the contrary, I am deeply saddened about what has now been completely lost to all consumers, worldwide – The day the last full-featured, full-manual-control, compact, 2-AA battery, travel &…

  3. Vinayak Raghuvamshi says:

    Funny nobody is looking at the sensor While most of the cameras have migrated to cheaper CMOS sensors, this camera still uses CCD and produces really smooth images.It is funny why people are paying more attention to batteries than the sensor.However, it is also funny that some people think that AA batteries are used only in third world countries. Maybe, but then they are the ones who need decent cameras that cost under $200.Bottom line – if you feel inferior using AA batteries, go with this camera. For the rest of the folks, just get the SX160. Both use CCD sensors which is what many old timers like myself really miss these days.

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