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18 thoughts on “2000-Year-Old Computer AKA Werewolf Predictor

  1. PureHumboldt says:

    No. Your comment was definitely selfish. with caps on the word OLD and lovely … is a dead giveaway. Oh, and do not forget the trouble, “again.” My comment had nothing to do with the discovery, but your sarcastic, selfish response.

  2. noobstyleful says:

    Dear sorcefed, if werewolfs are fake, why I wake up with cuts and bruises on my arms, legs and face and I wake up with sticks, leaves, grass and even rocks in my socks. Sincerely, Daniel (Noobstyleful)

  3. Violuminescence says:

    I’m still wondering why this story was covered in confusion. The device was discovered over a century ago and was Wright replica in 2006 did. Do not get me wrong, I love you guys but this is not a current event video is still an opinion .. Just seems like you want to talk about werewolves.

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