The beautiful slender profile of ZENBOOKTM is the result of intense research and development into sophisticated engineering techniques inspired by those used to create high-precision mechanical timepieces. The unique ‘spun-metal’ finish of the ZENBOOKTM lid alone requires a 32-step manufacturing process, and the finely crafted aluminium case features a combination of gentle curves and a sleek contour. With its stunning design and incredible performance, ZENBOOKTM is a perfectly balanced ultraportable

2 thoughts on “Asus ZENBOOK Prime UX32A-DH31-CA Ultrabook (13.3-inch, I3-3217U, 4GB-DDR3, 500GB HDD+24GB SSD, Windows 8)

  1. Stucco says:

    Respectable Ultrabook In had a user who’s not supposed to lift heavy things, and was shlepping around a Dell Latitude that was ~7lbs or so, not counting the laughably large power supply, and it was not working out well. There is a Microsoft Store in the area, so I figured I could go there and see a variety of Ultrabooks from various makers and compare build quality. I got there and found that the Microsoft stores now only carry systems with Windows 8 (barf) and are all touchscreens (because of the Windows 8 requirement no doubt). I am amazed that there is nothing at all in the Microsoft Store that was even a little bit “business friendly.” Being the only non-employee in the place, I was free to ask the idle employees about this development, and they agreed that it was dumb. They previously HAD been carrying Windows 7/non-touchscreen systems, but had to pull them. One fellow told me that the Asus Zenbook had the best build quality of those they carried. At that point I left and came to Amazon and…

  2. Mario R. Carvajalino "Carvaja Traveler" says:

    Great product First, don’t let this review reflect amazon because they were great about shipping the product. I purchased an asus that broke and sent it for repairs. They fixed the initial problem after a 4 week turnaround time and sent it back broken with another problem. They then took another 3 weeks ( which I am still waiting on), refused to send me a loaner or speed up the process even though they broke the computer and worse the computer doesn’t even run well. Think twice before purchasing an asus

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