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Master in Computer Architecture, Network and Systems
image of ROFI
A partir d’avui SOC master en Arquitectura de Computadors, Xarxes i Sistemes per la Universitat Politècnica de-Catalunya. From today I have. A master’s degree in Computer Architecture, Networks and Systems at the Technical University of Catalonia

computer art
image of visual velocity pc
Computer Art

Silly computer
image of Cayusa
Day 228 of 365So I spent most of today trying to work on my desktop again. If I have a program that was to uninstall expired tried caused a crash. Since then, every time Windows crashes an automatic update and I have to go back to the last working configuration. I can not seem to get past. Tonight I simply wiped it. The problem I have now is that I can not find the backup disks that came with the computer and Gateway has not really helpful, because the computer was out of warranty ist.Ich get it back to an older version of Windows, but the Drive does not pass the verification window. I may have a solution for it, but to tell you the truth, I would have it with the thing tonight. At least I have the internet working for them, so I could need to download a lot of drivers I. I’ll play with it some more tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be able to get it working on my Zufriedenheit.Die thing is 4 years old, so I think that perhaps it was time to buy a new sein.Gott Thanks I still have the laptop!

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