Check out these computer images:

computer budgie II
image of MichaelFitz
Geek WellensittichR.IP little man, you will leave 🙁


Apple: Keep Your Lawyers Off My Computer
image of mary hodder
This button, given to people at Silicon Valley parties in the late 80s, early 90s was detrimental Apple sued Microsoft in Apple Computer Inc. v. Microsoft Corporation, over look and feel GUI elements of their OS Desktops.Mehr information about the action here: / wiki / Apple_v._Microsoft Reminds me a little of the snake in the Do not on me flags from the American Revolution: / wiki / Gadsden_flag

the new Computer History Museum exhibition
image of jurvetson
Was under construction, geplant.Ich Open in January in a tour yesterday, and it looks great. The main hall exhibit called “Revolution. Computing the first 2000 years” are 19 galleries with 1100 Artefakte.Auf the right is a DEC PDP-8e are used to assist with brain surgery at Mass General Hospital here . Quick, gag in the data … In 1973, the PDP-8 was the best selling computer in the world. It had 4K core memory in 12-bit words.

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