Me ranting about why I wish I never discovered the computer game avalanche. I hope more of these as part of a series of computer games that my life (yes, there are multipile)! To make ruined! I’m also hoping to enter this into the fizzy limpics If I find Fizzy e-mail address. Have fun! DFTBA! x

8 thoughts on “Computer games that ruined my life – Avalanche!

  1. ThatBlondePerson says:

    Why would they call it a game, “Avalanche”, if it does not avalanche at all? IT offers donuts and marshmallows and lava ….. (Random use of capital letters) That makes no sense.

  2. gingersnaps1997 says:

    I’m addicted to Bloxorz and zelda – how can you not like zelda?? xx and I never feel guilty about being inside, in the ginger, it’s a survival technique 😉

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