Have you always wondered what is on the inside of your computer? This video takes a look at the inside of a computer and examines the seven major parts. Credits: , HowStuffWorks

25 thoughts on “Computer Tour

  1. heartlessvietboy says:

    Any computer expert care to enlighten me? A hardware is not a chip. A Device is a Device like the speakers or cell phone. A Program or Programming should be called a File Ware. Software is obsolete. The Graphics is a File.

  2. roblokzd says:

    now lets compare to…
    (snare drumroll)
    let’s see…
    dual+ core processor, something like 4 RAM, it’s awesome. it’s bigger and heavier than a normal one, needs a bit more ventilation, and it’s designed SPECIFICALLY for gaming

  3. 12345jack1 says:


    Yep, looks like everything should work. Just make sure you install the 64 bit version of windows or you’ll only get use out of half of your RAM.

    You might consider looking at the i5 2500k if you’re not going to be installing a graphics card, the 2500k has better integrated graphics than the 2400.

  4. DaytonaEggnog says:

    NZXT Lexa Case
    6GB Triple DDR3 1333 Memory Kingston…
    IntelCore i5 2400 LGA1155 CPU 3.1GHz 6MB
    Asus P8 H61-LE V3 H61 L6A1155
    Samsung 22x SATA DVD Writer
    Samsung SATA 1TB HD

    This all compatible? :S

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