Fast. Powerful. Reliable. The M11AD desktop PC is powered by a 4th gen Intel Core i7 processor and Intel HD4600 integrated graphics to deliver incredible performance. Built with more innovation per inch than you could ever expect from a multimedia powerhouse PC, experience the versatile desktop PC that is built to be about you. And it come with the familiar Window 7 Home Premium you love.

2 thoughts on “ASUS M11AD-US006O Intel Core i7-4770S, 16GB, 2TB, Desktop with Windows 7 Home Premium

  1. Bryan Feldman says:

    ASUS M11AD-US006O I selected this computer for speed and reliability. Since it was to be used primarily for software development, I didn’t need a graphics card. And I definitely didn’t want Windows 8. So far (after about a week) I am very satisfied.When the computer arrived it was well packaged. I opened it up to make sure everything was intact and seated securely; it was. Inside this computer is simple and neat with well-routed wires and lots of open space.The computer has the Core i7 processor running at 3.10 GHz, not 3.4 as stated, and 16 GB (15.7 usable) RAM. It includes Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1. It has a 2 TB hard disk which is divided into two partitions: WIN7 (C:) which has 745 GB usable and DATA (D:) which has 1.07 TB available and comes completely empty.It comes with some Asus bloatware, some of which run at startup and you may want to disable. Some of the apps may be useful but I have not looked into them yet. This computer includes Bing Bar which…

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