ASUS M51AC is powerful, beautiful desktop delivers an immersive HD and gaming experience so you can enjoy any time. Enhance your audio experience with ASUS latest Sonic Master audio technology. Feel confidence on ASUS Desktop as it rank as leading reliability brand by PCWorld 2011 User Survey.

3 thoughts on “ASUS M51AC-US004S Intel Core i7-4770, 16GB RAM, 1TB HD, Windows 8 Desktop

  1. KG says:

    ASUS M51AC-US004S Desktop I did a lot of research and comparisons with a lot of other vendors and felt this was an exceptional value. The first system came and was DOA. I was worried I had made a huge mistake. Called ASUS and they wanted me to return it them for repairs–no specific return time. I called Amazon and they drop shipped me a new one that arrived in about 36 hours with a UPS return for the first one. The new system works superbly. I have an ASUS PA248Q monitor that is very good as well. So far this was a very good choice. The machine has a lot of highend for most people who aren’t just looking for a super hot gaming machine. So far all games I have work well though. Addendum: In the process of ordering this system, I discovered that Amazon had some faulty specification information regarding some of the ASUS models. It appeared that the manufacturer’s product description for one of models was inadvertently inserted for another model. I think it is understandable to have such an…

  2. b says:

    It’s okay. Great value, but I expected more out of this machine. With 16gb RAM, the newest i7 4770k processor, a decent graphics card, and 3.0 USB technology, I expected the M51AC to be 10x faster than my other 10 year old PC.The fact is, 3.0 isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, 5gbps is unattainable, Windows 8 slows the machine down just enough that the processor, graphics card and RAM are a wash, and installing a SSD helped a little bit when used as a Ready Boost Drive, but not very much. I tried installing XP, and Win7 on the SSD but had nothing but problems with the BIOS config recognizing the SSD. I am still not finished with configuring BIOS settings to use the SSD as the boot drive. There is no Windows installation CD included (which I knew ahead of time).I am still attempting to triple boot XP, 7, and Linux on the SSD, but for right now have essentially given up and am trying to get used to the Win8 that came with. I will update this review with any progress I make in the…

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