VivoPC is made compact with a stylish spun metal finish to complement both the home office and living room. Featuring a multitude of ports, integrated 2x2w speakers with Sonic Master sound technology, and the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi adapter, make the VivoPC the centerpiece to your ever-connected world. 

2 thoughts on “ASUS VivoPC-VM40B-02 Desktop

  1. Mathlete says:

    A Full-Functioning PC Disguised as a Chromebox At $250, the ASUS VivoPC-VM40B is a dream come true for customers needing a full interfaced desktop in a small, sleek package. Measuring 7.5″ x 7.5″ x 2.2″, this sleek desktop with a spun metal finish allows me to have a nice computer attached to the playroom for both games, movies, and homework on the big screen. With 4GB of memory (upgradeable to 16GB) and 500GB of on board storage, this machine is just right for our playroom.Powered with a dual core CPU driven by an Intel Celeron 1007U Processor (1.5 GHz), this is an all-around general purpose machine – not a machine geared towards hardcore gamers or video editors where a much faster chipset would be required.It comes stock with the following connectivity ports:2 x USB 3.04 x USB 2.01 x HDMI1 x VGA Out1 x LAN1 x Optical S/PDIF out (Toslink)3 x Audio Jacks (Line in/Mic in/Speaker out)Its even Bluetooth 4.0 compliant!I would prefer to have…

  2. C. Sutton says: is tops. ASUS is tops. What a bargain for this little mighty mouse. I do not write may reviews, but was so impressed with this purchase; so here we go. I put a second desk in my office for my wife who is provided a company laptop to work remotely. Their IT dept has it so locked down, that it is useless as a general purpose PC; so when my wife uses my desk and PC, I am out of luck. I saw this ASUS VivoPC-VM40B-02 Desktop on Amazon for $219 after a rebate that was due to expire on Sunday, August 31. I ordered on August 29, wondering if the order date would suffice for the rebate, when low and behold, Amazon delivered it on Sunday, Aug 31!My wife’s external monitor uses the VGA input from her laptop, leaving the HDMI input for this device. The laptop uses a wireless Logitech keyboard and mouse, so I simply transferred the micro fob over to this dev ice. It worked like a charm. Now we need only switch the fob back and forth between the ASUS and the laptop to use it. We are Win 7 Pro users, so I intended to perform a fresh Win 7…

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