Vivo is made compact with a stylish spun metal finish to complement both the home office and living room. Featuring a multitude of ports, integrated 2x2w speakers with Sonic Master sound technology, and the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi adapter, make the Vivo the centerpiece to your ever-connected world. 

2 thoughts on “ASUS VM42-S075V Desktop

  1. Jonathan D. says:

    Amazing little machine that is cheap enough to allow for awesome upgrades! I purchased this computer because it has really great specs for the price, especially the built-in Wi-Fi 802.11ac that the majority of manufacturers have not yet figured out that most people would want if they knew about the performance benefits. Anyway, because of the low price, I knew that I would be able to do the upgrades I wanted to do right away. I spent the $227 ($247 – $20 rebate) on the machine and then purchased 16GB of Crucial RAM for $98 and a 256GB Samsung 850 Pro solid state drive for $153 (I have a NAS, so internal storage isn’t a priority for me). After these upgrades, I now have a total of $478 invested in this machine and I now have the fastest computer I’ve ever owned – by far. I would put this PC up against machines costing twice as much and would feel confident in its performance. Everything it does is pretty much instant. I know the weakest point on this machine is now the processor, but I do not see the impact at all. I’ve ran it through all sorts of real world…

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