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2 thoughts on “Dell Inspiron i3043-1250BLK 19.5-Inch All-in-One Desktop

  1. avgvstvs "Matt Seil" says:

    An Excellent Budget PC The Dell Inspiron i3043-1250BLK is definitely in the “entry-level” or “budget” category for desktop PCs. It comes shipped with Windows 8, McAfee Live Safe (antivirus/internet security, 30 day license). Suprisingly, it has almost no bloatware… it comes with some Dell utilities (backup, etc.) but aside from that, its pretty empty. (This is a Really Good Thing(tm))I’m an expert computer user, I’m a software engineer by trade going to school for Information Assurance (Computer Security/Hacking/etc.) and outside of that, I’ve had ~15yrs of experience building/deploying home computers and laptops.The computer is a single 19.5″ LED screen with a kick-stand. The stand seems sturdy enough for me, and doesn’t look like it would be easy to break unless that was your purpose. Setup was simple: Kitchen table? Check! Plug in the wall? Check. Mouse and keyboard into USB ports? Check!That’s it!When first starting the machine, it popped up…

  2. K. Cade says:

    nice little machine and pretty slick looking too!!! This is quite a nice all in one desktop computer. It will certainly be good enough to do regular day-to-day stuff. Just don’t become a high graphic gamer or anything, or you will pay the consequences. The All in one’s are nice looking and don’t take up much room and it looks sleek and nice on the desk. It’s footprint is about as small as it gets, maybe even smaller than a laptop to some degree. I like the fact that it’s got 500gigs of hard drive space which should be more than enough for me. Windows 8.1 is better since its customized like a Windows 7 & 8 PC.Some of the bad things are =Intel Celeron processor. *these are the weakest type of processors you can get.4Gigs of SDRAM, you could be able to upgrade to 8 or 12 depending on compatibility. I don’t plan to since I am not an I.T. guru and don’t need to.So..this product out of the box took some time to get up and running because Dell support asks if you want to…

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