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2 thoughts on “Dell Inspiron i3043-5000BLK 19.5-Inch Touchscreen All-in-One Desktop

  1. B.Willis says:

    A nice but very basic all-in-one touchscreen computer There are some things to like about this computer and other things to be aware of. Let’s start off with the fact that it is a simple and basic computer. It had problems with some higher resolution YouTube videos. In fact, my Sony Blu-Ray player did a much better job with these streaming videos, which surprised me.Set up took over 2 hours. The system goes through some form of comprehensive pre-boot process and I kept thinking, “Come on, is this *really* necessary?”. Despite that process, the actual setup of the system itself is pretty simple. Nearly plug and play. It comes with a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse. At first, I couldn’t get either of those to work until I figured out that there is a dongle, or as my mom would call it, a doohickey that must be plugged into one of the USB ports, leaving 2 remaining. You could also use your own Bluetooth keyboard if you didn’t want to tie up a USB slot. The keyboard works fine but has a somewhat sloppy and imprecise…

  2. ConsumerAdvocate (dakotad555) at (gmail) dot ... says:

    Stuck in the no man’s land between a desktop and a notebook The Dell i3043 is an all-in-one desktop computer with minimalist aesthetics and, unfortunately, minimalist performance due to some lousy hardware choices.First the good:1) The design is really quite nice. A single, well-polished desktop that takes up minimal desk space and looks sharp.2) The screen quality is great (in horizontal orientation–more on the abysmal vertical performance to come)3) VESA mounts make the computer easy to wall mount, or even suspend using a monitor armIf all you want it a very basic desktop with clean aesthetics and don’t care about things like boot times, hardware interchangeability, powerful graphics, or a robust work platform, this might be the computer for you. However, I feel pretty confident that virtually everyone would be better served by purchasing a true desktop or a notebook. Here’s why:The i3043 has no battery, which means it’s rooted to a power supply, giving it the primary…

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