This small. That powerful. Compact form factor (mini-tower) at just half the size of the Inspiron Desktop and packed with features for optimal performance.

3 thoughts on “Dell Inspiron i3252-10050BLK Mini Desktop (Intel Pentium, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD)

  1. Courtland J. Carpenter says:

    Excellent Value Mini, high storage(1TB), decent amount of RAM(8G), Win10, and still have a DVD burner to use, not bad at all! This PC is my first experience with Windows 10, I’ve hesitated to upgrade my other machines to that, both still run Windows 7. It was a mixed bag there a lot of things were hard to find, but I had that experience with Win 7 a while back too, so no biggie. This is about the PC itself, so let’s get to that. First, it’s excellent size for someone who wants a small desktop machine. You’ll never break your back, like my experiences with the XPS and Alienware tower machines; I’ve taken for service locally. You can easily carry this is one hand. I’ll let you read all the features, but the 3.0 USB slots on the front are nice as is the media reader slot. It’s also helpful to have the headphone jack there. If you still use CD’s/DVD’s for some things, or like to create your own video or music discs, this still has a read/write drive on the front. It’s vertical, so be careful to put the DVD correctly in the tray. There are four USB 2.0 slots on the back as well as a VGA and an…

  2. Sasha Q. says:

    Great Dell Mini Desktop This a great desktop computer at a great price. I have to admit, I was very pleasantly surprised. It packs plenty of power for my basic computing needs, as well as some extra so that my grandkids can enjoy their favorite video games.The 8 GB ram is enough to keep things running smooth and the Intel Processor runs fast for web browsing, email, documents and photo support. The generous 1TB hard drive has all the room I need for storage, as well. It also has a built in Bluetooth Adapter. I combined it with the and I have a great system with a large screen for computing, gaming as well as watching movies, videos and TV shows.This is the first Dell system I have owned and I really like the Dell Help & Support App and website. As expected, initially setting up the system took about half a day. It does come with Windows 10, but you still have to apply…

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