Get your business the HP 6005 Pro Desktop PC. This PC has a 3.4GHz AMD Athlon II X2 processor with 4GB of DDR3 RAM to give you sufficient speed and memory to perform all your business related tasks. You can expand the RAM up to 8GB. It also has a 500GB Hard drive to store all your valuable data. It comes with Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit pre-installed. It also has a DVD drive, 10 USB ports, Integrated Audio & Graphics. Brand new keyboard and mouse are included.

2 thoughts on “HP 6005 Pro Desktop PC – AMD Athlon X2 3.4GHz 4gb 500gb DVD Windows 7 Pro (Certified Refurbished)

  1. Mary J. Seitz says:

    Sturdy workhorse for home use HP Pro PCs are the workhorses often used by businesses where they get pounded on all day. They usually cost more, have more peripherals and inputs and are reliable. I used HP for 23 years at my job and never had a problem.This is a steal if you need a computer for basic tasks that don’t expect the machine to multi-task heavily e.g. word processing, photo editing. It comes with 4g memory upgradeable to 16 g (4 slots, 2 free or can replace the 2 2g memory provided). I bought 8g memory from for $40; they have a program that determines the right memory for your PC. I advise adding memory.I has room for an extra hard drive or you can put a hard drive in a hard drive enclosure like this or buy an external drive. I have a practice of putting all the non program data on a second hard drive – it makes it easy to swap the first…

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