The HP 8000 Elite desktop PC delivers powerhouse computing thats ideal for everyone. The HP 8000 Elite comes with a INTEL Core 2 Duo 3000 MHz processor.This package will arrive with a restore partition and has been recently restored with Windows so you will be the first to use it. The restore partition will allow you to restore your computer back to the original state of purchase at any time and prevent expensive trips to the computer repair shop.

3 thoughts on “HP 8000 Elite Windows 8.1 Desktop Computer PC C2D 4GB 160GB Dual Monitor 17″ LCD

  1. Unknown says:

    Great deal for the money I’m giving 4 stars mostly just because it was not quite what I expected, though, to be fair, I was not sure what to expect. Most refurbished items I’ve bought look darn near new. Not so much with this BUT I will say, the items are in good condition. One of the monitors has a piece of trim that’s messed up, purely cosmetic. I’m not being nit picky, just trying to be as honest as I can. As for the computer itself, it works just fine. They even sent a USB wifi stick with it, which I don’t need but is nice to have. Performance wise, I am pleased with the purchase. I immediately upgraded to windows 10 for free. I did the same on another computer of mine and that alone helped the speed some. Everything seems to work fine. I’ve only used it for a day but have not had any issues at all. I’d say the processing speed is better than I expected for a duo core. Again, the computer and monitors were just a little dirty out of the box, not a big deal. For the price, I just don’t see how anyone could…

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