HP Stream 200-010 Mini

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  1. J. Chung "mandasol" says:

    Upgrade instructions To save others some time digging for this information (as I did) I thought it would be helpful to put everything in one review.You can upgrade the RAM (up to 16GB), internal storage (to 256GB M.2 SSD, or 2.5″ hard drive with the proprietary HP “794966-001 – Cable – Prius SATA, L:65mm PR2″, and the wifi card.To get startedUnplug everything from the device.Flip over and lift the black rubber cover/flap.Remove the 3 black screws.Pry or lift the blue casing off, it should pop right off but you may need to tug a little.There is a metal frame covering the board, this is actually the 2.5” drive housing, but it’s empty on the Stream mini, but it’s where the drive would be on the Pavilion mini.Remove the 4 screws holding down the metal frame.Now you have access to the RAM slots, and the two M.2 Slots.Both of the M.2 slots are keyed differently (the divider between the pins are in different locations), so…

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