With expert engineering design for sustained power, cooling and total data throughput, the i-XL provides substantial boosts to your productivity on a foundation of best-in-class reliability and performance. Two Xeon E5 CPUs such as the E5-2699 v3 place up to 36 cores of processing power at your disposal. Market-leading 5 GPU capability – 4 GTX Titan X (upgradeable to Quadro K5200 or Quadro M6000) and three additional single slots for a 5th GPU, Thunderbolt, AJA or Decklink card, RAID controller or Infiniband – translates into extraordinary GPGPU acceleration. There’s more. Add to this up to 512GB of DDR4 2133 ECC RAM and space for up to twelve 3.5″ HDDs or twenty-four 2.5″ SSDs, and you have a true flagship enterprise mediaworkstation for the most formidable computing environments.

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