The 19.5″ HORIZON 2s packs all of the enjoyment of its HORIZON predecessors into a slightly smaller, more affordable package. It still offers two great modes, operating upright (Stand Mode) as an all-in-one desktop PC, or laying flat (Flat Mode) as an innovative, multi-user entertainment device that redefines together time.

3 thoughts on “Lenovo Horizon 2s 19.5-Inch All-in-One Touchscreen Desktop (F0AT0002US)

  1. Fishing Fool says:

    Known issue using AURA after updating to Windows 10 (Fix from Lenovo is now available..changed review to 5 stars) I recently got one of these and they work great as is….BUT if you plan on upgrading from the included Windows 8.1 64-bit to Windows 10 beware. The AURA interface will no longer work after the Windows 10 upgrade. This is a known issue and is a big problem because AURA is the main feature of this table PC. Without AURA it’s basically a touch/tablet PC with nothing much to separate it from the rest. Currently Lenovo has no fix for this problem and there are no plans to offer one. Their recommendation is if you like using AURA then don’t upgrade to Windows 10. I guess that’s why they’ve been selling these at huge discounts.As far as the device is concerned, it’s like a huge 20″ tablet with an integrated kickstand. The battery lasts about 3 hours. It’s a very responsive PC. I’m using mine with a 802.11 AC 5GHz wireless network and my actual download speeds are up to 200Mbps! The screen is Full HD IPS with multi-touch so multiple people can use it. This is where the AURA…

  2. nuismer says:

    Very good portable AIO with the AURA for Windows 10 This computer is unique. It is a Windows AIO that can be used flat on a table and then with the Aura interface, can use Apps that will allow several users to interact. Also Android devices like phones and tablets can interface with the AIO. Most of the games are aimed at children or are renamed classics. They play well with little lag.The problem is that the Aura interface will currently run only under Windows 8.1. If you upgrade the computer to Windows 10, trying to run any Aura features gives you a Windows error, and you have to close Aura. So far, Lenovo says that if you want to run Aura, you can return to Windows 8.1. And NFC does not work under Windows 10 – Windows device manager shows an error.The computer is very nice. It is relatively light (5.5 lbs) for its size (19.5”), has a very good full HD IPS screen (wide viewing angle), is fast ( Passmark V8 Rating=1396 and CPU Mark=2946 ), and has about 2.5 to 3 hours of battery power. It is…

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